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So, I'm writing this and I realize there's an awful lot I don't know/remember. If you can help fill in the gaps, it'd be much appreciated.

  • Are Water and Air lores averaged to increase Major/Minor Shock DF?
  • Do we have any way of quantifying increases in damage to Boil Earth/ Immolation from Fire Lore?
  • What're the ranks/level for Stone Fist again? I, well, forgot... <cough>.
  • I know absolutely nothing about Bard spells. I'll be winging this solely from the official docs, unless someone steps in.
  • It IS at 50 ranks that the DF bonus decreases to half... isn't it?
  • Was Mulder's sister REALLY kidnapped by aliens? I mean... really?
  • I'll think of more as I keep writing, I assure you.

Minor wording suggestion

For all of the bolt/ball DF adds, you say that the first 50 ranks increase the DF by .001 and that beyond 50 ranks this "decreases to a .0005 increase".

Personally, I know that when I read about a decrease increasing (or an increase decreasing) I get confused.

My suggestion would be to modify all of these references to state that the bonus to DF changes to a .0005 increase.

The beauty of a wiki is that you can just make the change yourself. ;D Anshou 09:23, 23 December 2005 (CST)

Change it myself?!?! My god, man! Do you know how many times that appears in the article? <flail>

Laaaaazy.  ;) Also, you probably want to sign talk pages using ~~~~ so people can follow the conversation better.
Anshou 10:36, 23 December 2005 (CST)

Psh, it was only like... five or six times! Lazy indeed <grin>. Doom Duck 21:08, 23 December 2005 (CST)