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So my intro blurb (like all intro blurbs of mine) sucks, and the only part of the old XXX page that I feel like maybe should be on this page is this part:

The cloud-laden skies above Elanthia slowly parted and a glimmer of light held the world in the moment. Children stopped playing, and mothers and fathers stood in the wonderment as they gazed towards the heavenly glow. Scholars arguing with each other, patriarchs announcing wars, armies battling armies, all stopped to lift their eyes to the new jewel in the sky.
It was then that a soft voice spoke out; when it knew it had the world's attention. The voice was pure in clarity and tone as it rang across the land: "The day has come, children of Elanthia, when the turmoil and chaos of the world would pose great risk to the balance. The pandemonium of many wars and unnecessary deaths has risen greatly in these past moments and years, when pure wisdom and knowledge could have dissolved the strife. It is in true clarity where balance resides, where kings decide to forego wars for talks of peace and compromise. It is in true clarity that insight and hidden potential is born that can truly restore the world back to proper balance."
The heavens shuddered as the glimmer of light expanded, and slowly began to split apart. Small droplets of light rained down upon Elanthia, one for each person and being that stood gazing up at the sky. And the voice spoke once more as the droplets of light fell upon the foreheads of everyone: "That is why I have chosen to bestow upon you all a new gift of wisdom and knowledge. You may choose how you use this gift, but it is my hope that new potential will be born and the Great Balance will mend itself in time."
As the last of the droplets of light fell, the glimmer in the sky began to fade away. When it was gone, the children of Elanthia lowered their eyes and gazed about their world with the Gift of Lumnis. What happens to Elanthia remains unclear, but for the Arkati Lumnis... a new light is born.

Anything else I missed? justin talk 18:16, 27 November 2006 (EST)

I had those formatted like that for a reason. Text from the game is usually in the <pre></pre> format or else that yellow-on-black format that andy made, <quote> mabye?. I'll poke around, but certainly though a bullet is prettier in the most superficial sense, the messaging should be reflective of the fact that it came from the game.... So I'll change that to something else... Thanks though! justin talk 00:00, 28 November 2006 (EST)

"Experience Absorbtion" needlessly complex

Is it just me, or is the experience absorption section far more complex than it needs to be?

As it stands, it says:

Instead of getting X experience, you get 3X experience. Instead of having a bucket size Y, you have a bucket size 3Y. Instead of absorbing Z experience per pulse, you absorb 3Z experience per pulse. Oh, and whatever experience you have at the beginning of Lumnis is tripled too.

As I see it, this is what happens: Whenever you would absorb experience, instead of adding X experience to your grand total, you add 3X experience. Everything else stays exactly the same. You gain experience normally, have the same size bucket, absorb the same amount per pulse: only the last step is changed. Instead of adding 30 experience to your total, you add 90.PFLATS 00:17, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

You're right. That section isn't accurate at all in regards to how it works. It only triples (or doubles) the amount of experience absorbed in a single pulse, so if you typically get 32 a pulse, you're now getting 96. With how it is explained, I apparantly go out and kill 3 orcs and I have 900 experience in the pool... If the Gift of Lumnis drops, you don't still absorb 900 experience... It is too bad Justin doesn't play GS anymore. I'd give him some shit for this article. Heh. - Andy talk 05:24, 22 April 2007 (EDT)