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I made this change to this page as a possible format to convert all of the instrument messaging pages to. Additionally, I'm thinking about renaming all of these articles to something like, Woodwind (instrument messaging), Instrument messaging (woodwind), or... perhaps Woodwind instrument (messaging). I'm leaning towards the last one, as that allows there to be a base article, Woodwind instrument, that talks about the instruments themselves, then have a Related Articles section linking this page. Also, I removed Icewhite's signature from the beginning of the article, although, I completely acknowledge that Icewhite is the primary contributor to this article. It is often felt that the history page for this article graciously gives credit to the authors, however, I did point out that Icewhite was the primary contributor in the category page. We'll see how everyone feels about this. Andy talk 20:16, 29 January 2007 (EST)

The changes look fine to me Andy. As before I can hardly navigate around this place, never mind making the changes you implemented. If you care to take the time to do so, go ahead.

I don't expect I'll ever be adding anything else onto the site, so this should be the last round of adjustments (unless someone sees some other issue). ICEWHITE