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Actual AS/DS Reduction Numbers Needed

Need to include the actual amount of AS/DS reduction for Sigil of Intimidation, based on player research (concerned that available information elsewhere on the web may or may not be correct). This page says "-AS and -DS for the target/s" only, under the Detailed Benefits section. I have noticed at this website, that it says Sigil of Intimidation "Decreases enemies' AS/DS by 20." However, I question the accuracy of that information. Because the way a lot of other sigils are set up, is to decrease/increase a benefit based on GoS member's number of known ranks up to a maximum cap of +/- 20. I am just hoping that someone knows the exact "-AS and -DS" amounts and can include on this gswiki page what those numbers are, and the max cap, if any. I may not have time to test this until a long time from now, but noticed it needed fixing.HARTSONG (talk) 15:18, 22 May 2019 (CDT)