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Regarding the mazes in Miasmal Forest, I corrected the incorrect info about the design of them that I originally had when it was pointed out to me by someone that has experimented with it MUCH more then I have. The same person also gave me a couple potential routes through them (which I have not confirmed at this point), but I've decided not to include those directions in this guide even if they're correct. My reasoning is that these paths are not commonly known and if they were commonly known it would have a huge impact on the enjoyability of the hunting area. I obviously cannot stop anyone from posting them elsewhere on Krakii, but I'd appreciate it if anyone else that edits this guide refrain from adding them here. OM1E5GA 06:20, 27 September 2013 (EDT)

Why the advice to use fire flaring weapons against phantasmal bestial swordsmen? They're undead, so unless you're rocking a permablessed fire flaring weapon (almost no one is) then that advice only applies to pures. Also, they aren't weak against fire, so really any flaring runestaff will do. CLAIRETTE (talk)

I probably was thinking of runestaves since the only characters I've brought through there so far are both pures (the rogue's an archer that refuses to mess with blessed arrows). Unless I get bitten by the forging bug again, I'll be bringing my warrior through the Citadel soonish and be able to refine those entries more for melee users. In the meantime, I clarified that sentence. OM1E5GA (talk) 07:45, 16 January 2020 (CST)