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[LNet]-You: "To be good at skinning, must one do 2x survival and first aid, or is 1x sufficient" [LNet]-GSIV:Tohki: "1x in each is fine" [LNet]-GSIV:Whirlin: "Good, 1x/1x... better, 2x/1x. Best 2x/2x" [LNet]-You: "Thanks very much."

Research on Relative Impacts

Using the same unwounded character with the same skills and stats (18 First Aid 4 Survival 5 Trading 54 Dex stat 12 bonus 93 Inf stat 16 bonus), I tried skinning kobolds killed via 1101 under several conditions.

Using a dagger and kneeling, in various stances:

stance guarded neutral forward advance offensive
success rate .737 .736 .732 .733 .750
silvers per skin 10.8 10.6 10.7 11.6 10.9

It is clear that stance plays no role, consistent with the documentation. Combining all stances and comparing various scenarios:

scenario success silvers
dagger & kneel .736 10.9
dagger & stand .640 10.7
staff & stand .070 9.3

It is clear that using a dagger plays a massive role in success, though perhaps not with silvers (or perhaps kobold skins cannot be made to be worth more, or perhaps skins only begin to become more valuable when one is skilled enough to skin ~100% of the time). Kneeling does not add as much on top of this, but the effect is statistically significant (z=3).

The data was collected over several days, and there was no trend observed in average silvers per skin over time (linear regression of .00 * x + 11), and trial conditions were jumbled so that not all (for example) stance advance data was collected at once, then stance forward, and so on.

While 1101 leaves no wounds, kobolds can rarely attack each others and themselves. It is unlikely this happened more or less often depending on the conditions, and so hid or exaggerated any trends.

HOFMANN58D (talk) 13:37, 9 November 2018 (CST)

Thanks for collecting all of this. Copying over to Research:Skinning so it will be easier for others to find. ZHOUY1 (talk) 14:08, 9 November 2018 (CST)