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Wax Eloquent Backroom Question

Today I received Wax Eloquent backroom access ("Backroom Ledger"), and its backroom is empty, but I feel a note needs to be put on the gswiki page about it. Here is exactly what it looked like:

>order Welcome to Wax Eloquent, Correspondence!

Polimynia offers her Ledger to browse. Polimynia exclaims, "Minniemae! Welcome back! I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."

 1. a piece of white paper       8. a gold signet
 2. a piece of ivory parchment   9. an oak signet
 3. a crimson wax stick          10. an argent signet
 4. a sapphire wax stick         11. a silver signet
 5. an aureate wax stick         12. a jade signet
 6. an argent wax stick          13. a basalt signet
 7. a plumed quill              
 Backroom Ledger

I am horrible at making anything but very simple changes to what is already on a gswiki page, and due to caring for my elderly grandmother I am unable to study about how to do it. But just hoping this is helpful to note this here for future viewers to consider. Thanks. --HARTSONG (talk) 16:25, 31 March 2019 (CDT)