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The following was found at:

On the display case you see an eahnor-inset kelyn scimitar symbol, a marble dagger pierced heart symbol, a malachite wisp of smoke symbol, a stylized ruby flame symbol, a gold-inset onyx jackal symbol, a sinuous emerald serpent symbol, a gold slit-eye symbol, an onyx six tentacled star symbol and a laje-inset onyx cat head symbol.

On the felt-lined shelf you see a carnelian-set black widow symbol, an obsidian broken skull symbol, a two-headed amethyst snake symbol, a silver crescent moon symbol, an eight-point silver star symbol and a faenor-inset silver sickle symbol.

On the felt-covered tray you see a silver-edged obsidian sword symbol, an onyx-inset gold key symbol, an eahnor-inset silver fist symbol, a rose quartz red heart symbol, a silver crystal ball symbol, an eonake-inset gold anvil symbol, a turquoise and gold sunburst symbol, a lapis-inset gold pegasus symbol, a gold-inset crimson lute symbol, an encircled gold scroll symbol, a marble-inset gold crown symbol, a gold sheaf of grain symbol and a lapis-inset emerald trident symbol.

On the felt-covered table you see a jet-inset white shield symbol, a cedar-inset gold leaf symbol, a chrysoprase white feather symbol, a leaping silver dolphin symbol, a malachite-set white lily symbol, a lapis and ivory dagger symbol, a rhimar and gold music note symbol, an amethyst and onyx rose symbol and a ruby-set gold rose symbol.