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Religion Lore and Deity Messaging

So when you cast 308 on someone the deity messaging you get is the TARGETs deity (and vice versa, they get your deity). The chance of you seeing their deity, and them seeing your deity, is based on respective Religion lore training (if you have no lore, and they have all the lore, you see nothing while they'll see your deity). I can confirm that 100 "ranks" in Religion is not enough for 100% accuracy (though it's close to 100%).

The messaging you get when you don't detect someone's deity is the same messaging you get with someone that is "other / forsaken / not yet converted." This messaging is a random one chosen from the 5 "sense" based messages (see the deity messaging section for other).

NOTE: A modified 308 (through customization) overrides this and both you and the target will see your custom 308 regardless of Religion lore for either person.

WINTERDAWN (talk) 19:10, 29 March 2021 (CDT)