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Tally weapons are a weapon script created by GM Xissu for the Great Auction of 2016. Only two of these weapons were released at this auction, a crude iron woodsman's axe & a crude iron hunting hatchet.

The weapons start off as 0x enchant with no damage weighting noticeable on them. Each tally mark on the weapon provides it with +1 AS and increases the damage weighting of the weapon at the rate of 1 point of damage weighting per 3 tally marks. These weapons can hold a maximum of 100 tally marks providing a maximum of +100 AS and 33 points of damage weighting.


You analyze your iron hunting hatchet and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This hatchet will start off very weak, but will grow in power as tally marks are made by killing creatures.  All marks will disappear if the wielder does not kill another creature in 3 minutes from their last kill.  The weapon can also perform the following additional actions:

Clench - Cast Tremors at the room for the cost of 50 marks.
Raise - Adrenaline Surge for the wielder at the cost of 50 marks.
Turn - change the messaging of the tally marks.

You sense that the hatchet can be altered, bearing in mind it must have a wooden haft.