Tartan Dreamer: Seeking Clarity

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Tartan Dreamer: Nightmarish Future

Author: Roelon McColend

Light from half devoured candles cast long shadows across a tiled floor. A Giantkin sits cross-legged on a carpet of colored sand. He was quit and still, which was a difficult thing to do as his nature demanded his hips to take action. Yet, he sat there, focused with an ebony symbol clenched in his hand.

His head nodded and struggled, like a felled tree tipping after the final cut. Then everything went dark. Were the candles extinguished? Did someone come to steal his tartan treasures? None of the above. He knew now, as anguished snores alerted others to his current state; He was now fast asleep.

His reality took new shape, before him was the same temple he had been in, however his shadow had been cut into five. The firsts shadow cast itself against the wall. Within, golden eyes peered out, shifting here and there in the boundaries of darkness.

The second shadow wavered next to the first. Wisps of green smoke seemed to dance within, like supple tendrils trying its best to escape its confines.

Three more lay before him like blank canvases. One seemed to hint at some life. Within, blots of crimson stained the shadowed surface. Thorns would take shape, but quickly scatter, as if the idea had not fully realized.

The Giantkin stood up and approached, he so much desired to know more, yet like most dreams, clarity was never guaranteed. The shadows merged into one once again, his own, and stood before him against the wall. His opposite. He took a long gaze within and from the shadows, fiery blue eyes, blood-shot and wide, stared back at him.

He turned away in shock, excepting to see the temple. But in it place was heat. He recalled the dream given to him when he saw the eyes staring back at him, and the scene returned at his call. Barren cracked earth, bleeding flames of blue energy the likes he has never seen. And bodies as much twisted as the land itself.

Then pain seared through him. And the dream was gone, replaced with a snowy white tiger digging its claws into his leg.

It took him several minutes to register he was safe. He simply hugged Keriddwen, his faithful companion, for waking him. She will receive an extra helping dinner tonight.