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Flavor Name Tastes
Apple Tea As you experimentally sip the tea, memories of freshly sliced apples are heralded to the forefront of your mind, flooding your senses with a taste and scent both crisp and sweet.
With a sweet and mellow taste, the apple tea warms you to the core and melds seamlessly with the flavor of the black tea.
Orange Tea A bitter twinge of citrus lingers in the background of the tea, subtly masked by a honeyed hint of orange flavoring.
The scent of the tea, warm and distinctly citrus, precedes the actual flavor in a warm breath of steam.
Peach Tea (i) The dusky taste of the tea itself tames the sweet peachy flavor that rides in the forefront.
If not for the dry quality of the black tea, the accompanying peach flavoring would be overwhelmingly sweet.
Cranberry Tea Tart and rich, a twang of cranberry enlivens the taste of the tea.
Getting a whiff cranberry from the tea's rising steam doesn't prepare you for the fruit's sharp zest.
Blackberry Tea The full-bodied taste of the tea is enhanced by a hint of blackberry, which is just sweet enough to keep the bitterness at bay.
The scent of blackberries teases your sense of smell as the tea rolls over your tongue, its taste less sugary than the aroma of the berry implied.
Raspberry Tea The scent of raspberry rising from the tea has a fresh tenor reminiscent of warm summer days.
A roiling mixture of sweet and tart compliment the flavor of this light-bodied tea in a splash of raspberry zest.
Spearmint Tea In a mild base of white tea, the refreshing flavor of spearmint is a relaxing indulgence.
With a hint of chamomile lingering in the background, the refreshingly minty flavor of this tea is soothing.
Peppermint Tea The cleansing essence of peppermint has been infused into this light-bodied tea, creating a refreshing experience for the palate.
A warm peppermint-scented breath rises from the tea, pale in color and rejuvenating in taste.
Plum Tea With a smoky flavor sweetened by an infusion of red plum, this tea has a warm, autumnal aroma.
Highlighted by hints of clove and nutmeg, the sweet scent of plum rises from the tea, and the flavor suffuses your senses with thoughts of the harvest and falling leaves.
Lemon Tea The inviting fragrance of lemon rushes from the tea on a cloud of steam, preceding the mellow flavor of this black tea.
Just a hint of bitterness lurks in the background of the tea's lemony flavor, like a fruit cut too close to the pith.
Strawberry Tea With just a smattering of cinnamon to even out the cloying flavor of strawberry, this tea is exquisitely mild and flavorful.
Aromatic with hints of strawberry and cinnamon, the dusky flavor of this tea is all but lost behind the sweet and spice.
Loganberry Tea The sweetness of blackberry and the tartness of raspberry merge in this loganberry tea to create an aromatic blend that is mellow and full-bodied.
With a dark reddish tint, the murky loganberry tea has a distinctive aroma echoed in its peculiar taste.
Peach Tea (ii) The sweet taste of peaches rolls over your tongue, its strong flavor enough to evoke the image of orchards filled with the sweet fruit.
Green and white tea blends together, with a light glaze of cinnamon added in for spice. An almost tart zest hides behind the overall pale taste of fresh, honeyed peaches, creating an overall light and refreshing flavor.
Garden of Greyvael A floral whisper of mallow blossom hovers at the edge of the black tea's broader notes of vanilla and bergamot, leaving a scent memory that lingers long after the bolder tastes have faded.
Just a touch of bittersweet licorice root winds about a mellowing thread of mallow flower, and their joining adds a pleasing complexity to the smooth mingling of vanilla, citrus, and aged black tea.
Tart Cherry Tea Tart and somewhat sour, cherries flavor the black tea, which is infused with the subtle tastes of mint and vanilla.
As you inhale the deeply rich armoa of the tea, warmth floods over your tongue. Notes of ripe, red and black cherries saturate the hot liquid, offset by sweeter flavors that are wrapped around the sweet, tangy tartness.
Mango and Ginger Tea Tropical fruit flavor runs through your mouth and down your throat, with underlying hints of ginger, providing the mango with a unique spiced savor.
As you sip at the tea, the strong scent of ginger fills your senses. The taste of mangos is at odds with the fragrance, yet the combination of flavor and aroma sends a small thrill through your tastebuds.
Black Pepper Tea Spiced, almost as if directly mixed in with freshly ground pepper, the black tea clears your sinuses with its strong bouquet.
Dark black tea runs through your mouth, and as you feel it slip down your throat, you taste the rich undertones of chocolate and black liquorice. The result is a combination that strong without being overbearing.
White Pear Tea White tea is infused with sweet pears, then enhanced with highlights of honey, chai, and chrysanthemum. It fills up your senses and momentarily clears your mind.
Warm and enticing, the tea is filled with the flavor of juicy pears, its honeyed scent coupled with the underlying hint of chai, creating a perfect blend of light and refreshing.
Tropical Night The scent of richly blended black tea is perfused with the slightly bitter tinge of bittersweet blood oranges and the bouquet of cinnamon, allspice, and a hint of clove.
Though the initial taste is a bit astringent, the palette is soothed with a finish of sweet-tart hibiscus.
Summer Reverie Subtle flavors of tart lychee, kiwi, and mango infuse the light vanilla body of the white tea, adding a sweet fruit-like aftertaste.
Fragrant and tropical, the unique flavor of pressed hibiscus flowers intermingles with the bright fruit notes lounging across the palate.
Chamomile Bloom Delicate and subtle, the taste of chamomile blossoms soothes the senses as the flavors of rose petal, lemon balm leaf, and sarsaparilla add mild layers to the tea.
Smoothing and warm, the mild taste of chamomile blossoms, rose petal, sarsaparilla, and lemon balm leaf tickle your taste buds in a gentle dance of relaxation.
Misty Rose The tea tastes distinctly flowery, with the heady aroma of roses heightening the flavor.
As fragrant as it is warming, the taste of roses and vanilla burst through the liquid, enveloping your taste buds and lingering at the back of your throat.
Racial Messages:
An unusual but exquisite blend of three distinct teas creates a unique taste, enriched with an infusion of rosehip and hibiscus. A delicious interplay of vanilla and extracted strawberry juice adds to the delicately subtle taste.
Light and gentle on the palate, complimentary tastes of fruit and rosehip combine to provide a remarkable soothing tea. The pureness of the taste is matched only by the clarity of the liquid.
Licorice Tea Smooth and invigorating, a strong licorice flavor adds a vibrancy and natural sweetness to the liquid.
A pungent sickly sweet aroma invades your senses as the slightly thick liquid touches the tongue, leaving a licorice aftertaste.
Racial Messages:
The delightfully enchanting taste of raspberries gives way to the more subtle licorice flavor beneath. The interplay of flavors creates a beautiful fragrant blend of tea that stimulates the senses.
The initial burst of sweetness stemming from the fruit-suffused liquid is gradually supplanted by a sweet licorice flavor with a surprisingly salty undertone.
Dandelion and Orange The distinctive soft dandelion flavor is enhanced by scented orange, giving this tea an unexpected liveliness.
Fruity and pungent, the zesty orange provides a freshness that partially masks the more subdued flavor of dandelion.
Racial Messages:
A beautifully combined blend of mellow dandelion and slightly tart orange creates a soft fruity tea that is refreshing. The flavor is enhanced by the delicate taste of lemongrass.
Sweet and mellow, lemongrass and multiple spices emanate from the fragrant liquid. Gentle waves of a zesty orange and delicate dandelion add just the right note to the soft-bodied, lightly spiced flavor.
Traveler's Respite Black, green, and white teas are blended with a hint of sassafras to give a rich tea experience.
Several types of teas blend to create a bold flavor, mellowed by just the right amount of sassafras, which adds an exotic sweetness.
Racial Messages:
The fresh taste of the green leaves serves as an excellent contrast to the roasted and ground tea. A counterpoint to the light, sweet taste is marginally discernible in the form of lily and pear blossoms.

A faint lingering sweet aftertaste of mellow pear blossom and gentle lilies cleanses the palate after the intense flavors of the various tea leaves and the woody biting sweetness of the sassafras.

Azure Velvet A soothing blend of blueberries and blackberries enhances the delicate taste of the tea, leaving a sweet and tangy aftertaste.
An energetic flair, reminiscent of late summer berries, rolls across your tongue, but there is something more that you can't quite put your finger on.
Racial Messages:
The powerful flavors of late summer blueberries and blackberries imbue a strong sweetness to the tea, which is both enhanced by and in turn enhances the bright, citrusy flavor of the black tea. The tea lands at the perfect intersection between sweet, jam-like fruitiness and something sharper, reminiscent of wine.
A subtle hint of cinnamon graces your tongue, almost hidden by the powerful burst of tart and sweet from the berry medley infused in the black tea. Despite a strong black currant-like quality, the tea has a surprisingly dry finish.
Imaera's Mystery The taste of this strong, fruity white tea immediately assails the mouth with notes of blaestonberry, spearmint, and sovyn clove. The tea has the soothing scent of Imaera's Lace.
Flavors of blaestonberry, white tea, spearmint, and sovyn clove powerfully and pleasantly mix on the tongue. As they fade, a light, flowery flavor lingers in the mouth.
Racial Messages:
Strong, rich overtones of blaestonberry are immediately followed by touches of sovyn clove and spearmint. As the white tea mellows, the light flavor of Imaera's Lace slowly rises and then fades.
A sudden rush of blaestonberry floods the mouth for a moment before being joined by notes of astringent sovyn clove and soothing spearmint. As the complex, fruity mixture wanes, the light taste of Imaera's Lace briefly haunts the tongue.
Peony Punch Floral peony and sweet peach flavors are balanced nicely with tart lemon verbena.
The familiar scent of vanilla is almost overwhelmed by rich flowery peony and luscious peaches.
Racial Messages:
The intoxicating fragrances of peony blossoms greet your nostrils, quickly followed by the sweet scent and flavor of ripe summer peaches. The subtle white tea gives way to the bright zing of fresh lemon verbena.
Tangy lemon verbena teases the tongue and cleanses the palate, almost obscuring the delicate white tea. The heady aroma of dark pink peony soothes the senses. Plump juicy peaches and just a hint of vanilla honey the pot.
Jasmine Dreams Deep rich flavors of blackberry and spicy phlox compliment the heavy scent of jasmine.
Flaeshornberry sugars the tongue against the tanginess of blackberries and spicy phlox. Soft apple blossoms taunt the nostrils before the intoxicating bouquet of jasmine takes over.
Racial Messages:
The heady fragrance of jasmine is tamed by the delicate scent of apple blossoms. Bitter-sweet blackberries deepen the teas color and lift the subtle spiciness of pink phlox. The sweet honey tones of flaeshornberry weave through the complexity of the concoction.
Dark black tea tempers the tea as sweet flaeshornberry nectar collides with the tartness of voluptuous blackberries. Understated notes of spicy pink phlox are carried along on the potent vapors of jasmine and apple blossom.
Mint Joy The refreshing scent of mint tickles your nose and cleanses your palate, finishing with sweet pea blossoms and sour lemony sorrel.
A kaleidoscope of flavors assaults your tongue, sweet to sour, herbal to refreshing, each complimenting the next.
Racial Messages:
Grassy notes of green tea are flattered by the sweet flavor of creamy white pea blossoms. Clean spearmint is shouldered by the clear sharpness of peppermint. The balmy scent of garden sorrel is soft and subtle in the nose as well as across the palate.
Peppermint and spearmint run amok across the tongue, their bright scents rushing up into the nasal cavity. Lemony garden sorrel dances along the herbaceous tendencies of the green tea leaves. The dainty elegance of pea blossoms adds a hint of sweetness to the refreshment.
Sated Mor Delicious sun-ripened blueberries spiked with bitter wormwood combine with rich, black tea leaves to seduce the senses. A hint of sweet, yet tart, bee pollen lingers as the liquid passes the tongue.
Cloying bee pollen in full blossom steeped with fragrant black tea leaves give this robust blend an exotic flavor when infused with tangy blueberries and dark fig. Unyielding notes of wormwood permeate the full-bodied tea.
Evening Promise or Evening's Promise A sweet rose-perfumed taste deepens into a distinctive blend of cinnamon and plum that caresses the palate.
The subtle infusion of citrus and notes of honeysuckle creates a silky, vaporous flavor that lingers at the back of the throat.
(a rose-motif ombre parchment packet, purchased at Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop, Tea Room)
Gathering Darkness Clean head notes of tart apple are quickly muted by the complex smoky undertones of this shiny black tea.
The woody aftertaste of desiccated tree bark leaves your mouth feeling oddly dry despite being awash with fruity tea.
Pungent aromas of burnt wood fill your nostrils as the gritty flavorless liquid washes over your tongue to leave an ashy residue.
A sharp bite of acidic, under-ripe apple assaults your taste buds causing your eyes to water.
(a tree-motif grey parchment packet, purchased at Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop, Tea Room)
Imaera's Amber A hint of sweet vanilla accentuates the more concentrated flavors and brings with it a sense of warm vitality.
Strongly flavored, this tea exhibits a faint muskiness reminiscent of old pine with a cinnamon finish.
(an amber parchment packet, purchased at Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop, Tea Room)
Simmering Passion The faintly sweet aroma of passion flower wafts gently on sensuously twisting streamers of warm, moist steam; quickly followed by a tangy hint of lemon balm to tease the senses.
A vibrant tingle of tangy lemon balm awakens the taste buds, providing a subtle, intriguing contrast to the mellow flowery fruitiness of sweet passion flower.
(a lilac packet, purchased at Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop, Tea Room)
Eled-R’hali Tea The scent of mixed berries rises in the steam rolling off the murky black tea, and you detect the subtle hint of raspberry in the mix.
Though a comprehensive list of ingredients eludes you, the infusion of raspberry is distinct in the full-bodied flavor of the black tea.
Racial messages:
On a dark canvas of full-bodied black tea, swathes of flavor layer the senses and vie for attention: the tartness of the cloudberry is lulled by the sugary sweetness of flaeshorn berries. In the background lies a hint of raspberry to color the mix with a wash of freshness that lightens the robust tea.
The aromatic blend of berries melds seamlessly in the waft of steam rising from the murky tea. Though full-bodied and hearty, an infusion of raspberry gives the otherwise dusky black tea a refreshing presence, accompanied by the sweet-tart mix of cloud and flaeshorn berries.
Lady's Tears Tea Sweet and refreshing, this light-bodied tea is enhanced by an infusion of huckleberry accented by a hint of tartness.
At first sip, the brew is mild and sweet, made so by a blending of white tea and huckleberry, but the tasting ends in a surprising nip of tartness.
Racial messages:
The supreme delicacy of white tea is only enhanced in this blend of berries. Naturally sweet and mild, the tea is made more so with an infusion of huckleberry that is evident as the liquid first hits your tongue. It is only as you are about to swallow that the tart presence of the cloudberry asserts itself, giving this light tea a pleasant and surprising flavor.
The sweetly distinct presence of huckleberry suffuses this tea, the fruit's cloying sweetness amplified by the inherent similarity of white tea. Light and full of a flavor that rivals the glory of blue-skied summer days, the tea is a crisp indulgence heightened by a spark of tartness lent by an infusion of cloudberry.
Bay's Mist Tea The taste of blueberry is the most noticeable in the earthy green tea blend, though the slightly bitter twinge of elderberry cannot be mistaken at first sip.
Though the initial taste brings the slightly acrid flavor of elderberry to attention, it is quickly whisked away into the wash of green tea by an infusion of sweet blueberry.
Racial messages:
Though light, the flavor of the green tea is earthy and clean - the perfect palette for an intricate blend of fruits. The commingling of huckleberry and blueberry produces a sweetness in the liquid that makes it nearly impossible to distinguish the one flavor from the other. Were it not for a slightly bitter infusion of elderberry, the various berries might run the risk of melding together into obscurity.
Bitter at first, the hint of elderberry fades away under the nearly oppressive sweetness of huckleberry and blueberry infusions combined. As the grassy, fresh taste of green tea lies in the background, the berries create a conglomeration of bittersweet that is most appealing to the palate.
Perennial Ponderance The soothing presence of white tea mellows the addition of black in this blend, while a myriad of fruit flavors intermingle to create a beverage unlike any other. Behind the bitter-tart bite of lemon and cloudberry, a honeyed infusion of peach rises to combat the sharp intrusion. As the palate is neutralized, a combination of berries - smastan, bil, and goose in variety - becomes unmistakable in the forefront and is laced with a hint of bergamot.
Under a thread of bergamot, the mild taste of white tea blends with the bold flavor of black to produce a curious balance between a wild confusion of fruits. The sweet comfort of peach is dulled by the bitterness of lemon and the tartness of cloudberry, while a mixture of smastanberries, bilberries, and gooseberries unite to return a hint of honey-sweet to the tea.
Capricious Grace In the sweet aroma of the white tea, a hint of rose stirs like a specter at midnight hour. Barely there, the blossom's presence comes and goes amid a roiling sea of cherry infusions the darkest of sweet black cherries colors the brew a roseate hue, while paler cousins bring a tart note that swims just beneath the surface. Amid the floral and fruit blend, a dash of green cardamom mellows the concoction, taming it with a smoky warmth.
Subtly bittersweet, the tea's bouquet is a varied and complex masterpiece. Ripe black cherries further sweeten the white tea, which is made impossibly softer by an infusion of rose that teases the senses at each encounter. In the background, tart berries bring balance to the honeyed presence of lush cherries, and a suffusion of green cardamom blankets the palette in a smoky shroud.
Sweetest Transgressions Full-bodied and dark, this black tea has a redolence so robust it can very nearly be tasted before it ever caresses the tongue. Swirls of rich caramel are awash in the smoky body of the beverage, strewn with hints of sweet vanilla that ebb and flow like a living sea. Just beneath the candied foreground, the taste of pomegranate hovers, thick and honeyed, adding subtle notes of fruit to the nearly sinful experience of this tea.
Pomegranate, sweet and syrup-thick, provides the foundation upon which the flavors of this black tea have been built. The dusky sensation of the tea itself is made silken by an infusion of pure vanilla that accents, rather than obscures, the notes of caramel that swim throughout the beverage. Warmth creates a feast of aromas, the sugar-drenched fruit delivered to the nose on a smoky waft even as the tea passes the lips.
Valaka Meditations The blend of white and green teas has a subtle flavor on your palate, and the slightest hint of chrysanthemum swirls through the warm beverage.
The pale and barely sweet floral essence of chrysanthemum is infused within a blend of faintly aromatic white and green teas. The tea, while lacking in flavor, is still soothing with its warmth and steam.
Racial messages:
The sweet infusion of chrysanthemum petals plucked and hand-crushed unfolds upon your tongue, followed immediately by the taste of fresh white tea. A slightly stronger green tea blend provides a flavorful base to the floral tea.
The tea is an artful blend of fresh white tea leaves and strong green tea aromatics. The sweet floral taste of chrysanthemum petals blossoms with each sip, taking over the tea's flavor in a delightful burst.
Yachan Dreams The tea has a soothing warmth to it, but the aroma is faint and the taste so subtle as to be almost non-existent. Judging from the barely present aromatics, the drink is made from lotus petals or a similar flower coupled with weak tea leaves.
Slightly floral in scent, the tea has little flavor beyond a hint of lotus blossom.
Racial messages:
The familiar aroma of rare blue lotus blossoms and orchids infuses this warming tea. Hints of vanilla and saffron wrap about the floral essence of the drink, adding layers of complexity that is pleasing to the discerning palate.
Vanilla kisses saffron in an intricate aromatic dance across the senses. Hints of pink lotus layer about the predominate flavor of blue lotus blossoms, released by the heat of the water.
Agan Memories Sipping the tea releases the delicate taste of white tea and peony. You inhale the steamy aroma as you drink, enhancing the overall effect of the mild, but pleasing, tea.
Faint hints of peony and honey are mixed with the light flavor of the soothing white tea.
Racial messages:
Full-bodied notes of white and red peony blossoms enhance the crisp blend of white tea and cardamom. Flaeshornberry honey bursts across the tongue and tickles the palate with its distinctive semi-sweet signature released by the water's comforting heat.
Cardamom and a note or three of crystallized ginger bolster the rich floral taste of peony blossoms. The white tea leaves add a crisp, clean intercut to the blend, with a finishing touch of flaeshornberry honey to tantalize the tongue.
Sweet and Not So Hibiscus and berries infuses the pale indigo tea with a pleasing sweetness, but an aftertaste of concentrated saltwater lingers on your tongue like the slime of a sea slug, sending an involuntary shudder through your body.
A small sip of the pale indigo tea fills you with an instant and overwhelming euphoric relaxation. The initial fragrant aroma of the sweet beverage changes, and instead, the repulsive stench of dead fish fills your senses. Narrowing your eyes, you glance at the liquid suspiciously.
Light as a Feather The silvery grey tea billows tastelessly and smoothly down your throat with only a slight urge to swallow the gaseous beverage. Moments later, it feels like shards of glass raking along the inside in your mouth and throat.
The heady plume of steam from the silvery grey tea is pleasingly fragrant, but attempts to sip it provide no liquid at all, just a swirl of tasteless grey gas.
Spring Spicy saffron and ginger combine their fragrances to give this green tea an uplifting flavor.
The unique fragrance of saffron threads and the subtle grate of young ginger meld with young green tea leaves for a spring-like elixir.
Summer The strong fruit fragrances of blackberry and peach mix with the mild black tea leaves to create this refreshing quencher.
Shreds of blackberry leaf and tiny, diced dried peach mix with the leaves of mild black tea in this hearty summer blend.
Autumn The spicy heat of ground clove is tempered by the sweetness of persimmon in this autumnal blend of black tea.
Flecks of dried persimmon add a sweet fruitiness to this cup of black tea accented with a hint of clove.
Winter You take a drink from your porcelain teacup. Pieces of dried currant and cracked allspice berries mixed with both black and white tea leaves make for a very fragrant, seasonal blend.
The combination of white and black tea provides a complex base for sweet currants and peppery allspice.
Duplicity You take a drink from your porcelain teacup. Each sip of the tea features a sweet lemon blossom fragrance followed by the after taste of tart fruit.
You take a drink from your porcelain teacup. Soft, delicate lemon blossom fragrance lures you in with promise, but the lemon essence permeates this green tea with a sharp tartness.
Bad Habit The warm essence of bourbon barely hides the astringent taste of shredded tobacco mixed with the black tea leaves.
Harsh tobacco flavoring is barely tempered by the covering of steeped bourbon. The strong tea is definitely not for everyone.
Betrayal Sweet vanilla initially makes this tea pleasant, but as the more bitter, medicinal flavor of chrysanthemum grows pronounced, your mouth puckers.
Specks of sweet vanilla bean highly fragrance this tea, masking the hidden astringency of bitter chrysanthemum initially, causing a slight shudder with each sip.
Rot and Fungus Sassafras leaves collected from the forest floor at the height of harvest season, barely has any flavor, and the bland wood ear mushrooms contribute nothing to elevate it.
Old sassafras leaves and dried wood ear mushrooms make this tea dull, and well suited as a mild concoction.
Bliss Bits of dried mango and the essence of passionfruit amid golden tea leaves combine into a tropical paradise for the senses.
Tiny flakes of coconut dissolve into the tea, adding a slight sweetness to the tropical blend of mango and passionfruit.
Pleasure Pungent raspberry leaf and fragrant rose petals swirl together in this light, white tea blend, its intoxicatingly seductive flavor filling your senses
Sips of this comforting, feel-good tea teases the senses with the sweetness of summer-ripe raspberries and heady fragrance of a rose garden.
Rejuvenation The added hint of ginger to this earthy turmeric tea invigorates from the inside out with each sip. A scant trace of smoked cinnamon enhances the flavor with a spicy note.
Earthy turmeric and spicy smoked cinnamon combines with pure white tea to make a brew that is both complex and uplifting.
Peace Twin fragrances of citrusy bergamot and soft lavender produce a warming, relaxing tea that in turn creates a sense of well-being.
Swirls of bergamot and lavender fragrance merge in this comforting tea, and the aroma offers a peaceful respite from daily stress.
Duskruin Defense You inhale a zing of lemongrass and licorice from the green tea as the soothing liquid passes over the tongue. You feel restored.
Immersing yourself in comforting flavors of chamomile, peppermint, and sage, your tastebuds get an immediate uplift from the lavender-based herbal tea.
Summer Arena Summer fruits and flowers mix on the tongue, producing a refreshing blend of red tea. Hints of marigold flowers, fresh peaches, and zesty orange linger.
The fruity scent of the tea, containing strawberry and peaches, precedes the strong herbal flavor.

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