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Due to ongoing game development, this article no longer reflects the state of {{{PAGENAME}}} in Gemstone IV.

A significant amount of work will be needed to bring this article in line with current development.

For information on the current state of {{{PAGENAME}}}, see {{{more-info}}}.


Quick and easy: {{big-changes}}

To customize details of the message, the following parameters can be used. All parameters are optional.



The type of page you are editing. Guide, log, example, etc. Defaults to article.


The topic of the page you are editing. Defaults the the page's name.


Any other explanation you want to add. Defaults to the phrase "A significant amount of work will be needed to bring this [CONTENTS OF PAGE-TYPE HERE] in line with current development."


A place where someone can go for more information on the changes in the time being. At the time of writing, I assume this will be used for saved posts.


This template will categorize articles including it into Category:Works In Progress. Consider replacing it with {{work-in-progress}} when it better reflects the current state of the game (but still needs some work).