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A template to use to describe your MHO.
Copy/paste code:

|image= <!--An OPTIONAL spot for an image of significance to your organization [[File:filename|thumbnail|center]]-->
|caption= <!--Required to cite the source of the image if there is one.-->
|town = <!--What town are you based out of? This should be the meeting hall town you access -->
|tier = <!--What tier is your organization? Current options are PROMINENT or RENOWNED. This may be listed differently with the meeting hall guard-->
|founded = <!--What year was your organization founded?-->
|dues = <!--Does your organization charge a fee for joining? Can leave BLANK if no, or put in an amount, or answer NO.-->
|insignia= <!--Does your organization have a insignial? Example: A pink butterfly flying rampant across a silver moon. Leave BLANK for no.-->
|affiliation = <!--Do you have a special affiliation with another group?-->
|restrictions = <!--Do you have any membership restrictions?-->
|purpose = <!--What is the general purpose of your organization? Please be brief!-->


Optionally, if you prefer a specific color for your template box, add this line |background-color=, like so:

|background-color= <your preferred hexadecimal color code here (example: #000000)>
|town = 

Likewise, beneath that you can add a color for text:

|color = #D1B000

This template is built from the Storyline NPC box template by VANKRASN39 which is based on the deity template by ZHOUY1.