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This template is to insert on spell pages affected by the Dec 2020 changes to AoE spells minus Grasp of the Grave.

Mana Control Benefit

Potential targets for most open cast spells are set at a base maximum of 3, with additional targets possible for each 50 skill bonus of the appropriate mana control for this spell.

Mana Control ranks 0 10 24 50 100 150 200
Maximum number of targets 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Skill bonus converted to ranks.


Additional language will appear for hybrid spells. The hybrid parameter should be used on Sorcerer/Empath/Bard circle spell pages. Copy/paste code:

{{Mana control targets
|hybrid=yes <--! use this line only if a hybrid spell. Remove this line if NOT a hybrid spell. -->