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A template to use with merchants.
Copy/paste code:

|gender = 
|race = 
|culture =
|profession = <!--Seamstress, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Toymaker, Tattoist, etc. Mercantyler is a good choice if no others seem to fit-->
|title = <!--only if different than profession-->
|service = <!--Tattoos, Features, GALD, LD, Wares, etc. Use Other is necessary-->
|specialty = <!--Any scripts they may have created/are responsible for (ie, Veola, ClimateWear, Tall Shoes, etc-->
|venue = <!--What events do they frequent. PLEASE ONLY USE Caligos Isle, Feywrot Mire, Village of Velathae, Carnival of Freaks, Windfellow's Retreat, or wandering at this time. Also, if citizen merchant list town under TOWN. An example would be citizen-only merchant-->
|town = <!--Only use if they are town based as well-->
|status = <!--active, inactive, dead, retired, etc. If unsure, please use unknown-->}}

This template is built from the Storyline NPC box template by VANKRASN39 which is based on the deity template by ZHOUY1.