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A template to use with merchants.
Copy/paste code:

|gender = 
|race = 
|profession = <!--Seamstress, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Toymaker, Tattoist, etc. Mercantyler is a good choice if no others seem to fit-->
|title = <!--only if different than profession-->
|service = <!--Tattoos, Features, GALD, LD, Wares, etc. Use Other is necessary-->
|specialty = <!--Any scripts they may have created/are responsible for (ie, Veola, ClimateWear, Tall Shoes, etc-->
|venue = <!--What events do they frequent. List the top two and/or wandering. Also, if citizen merchant list town.-->
|venue2 = <!--Only use if more than one venue-->
|venue3 = 
|venue4 =
|status = <!--active, inactive, dead, retired, etc. If unsure, please use unknown-->}}

This template is built from the Storyline NPC box template by VANKRASN39 which is based on the deity template by ZHOUY1.