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This template is for Premium Festivals that can be listed on one page.

What does the shop look like from the outside?, What is the Map Room # and Lich ID?

What does the sign say?

In this section (between the <blockquote> tags in the copy/paste code below), insert shop data by using {{container}} to insert a container name underlined (this can be used as many times as needed). Below that you can insert data using the Category:Shop table templates or a freshly generated table. This site is highly recommended to convert tables or tab separated values to wiki code (uncheck format header rows). Replace the first line of every table generated with {| {{prettytable}} or revise as needed.

This template is not the most properly coded, but is a generic template that can be used for most festivals, depending on how expansive. It is up to the pagemaker to ensure the page is properly categorized.

Copy/paste code:

==Shop Name==

Use templates from Category:Shop table templates or generate tables under the Container template.

Since it is much more likely that there will be exits instead of paths, only exits are in the copy/paste code, but if it is paths, change exits to paths.

If there are multiple containers in a room, repeat the Container template and shop data generated as described above. Keep everything between the blockquote tags.

If there are multiple rooms to the shop, repeat all applicable code from the RoomDescription template to the bottom.