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May it please the Mirror,

After careful research, I wished to deliver some information to you regarding the recent discovery of Isharn Enclave. A servant by the name of Filorn, who seems to be the most direct link to the ongoings that preceded the disintegration of the area, found a smooth white marble ring at the scene the other night. He insisted that the ring had been made of bone when he was kept there, and this prompted me to remember two historical texts that I came across in my father's library long ago. I have spent the last couple of days hunting down and studying the writings, and while you may choose to disregard all the speculation I am presenting, I felt I could not keep the findings to myself in clear conscious even if they are ultimately set aside.

I have unearthed archaic documents about a three-piece collection of items called the Prisma Relics from a preserved scroll and an aged doeskin tome owned by my family. The scroll discusses each piece of a trio that is rumored to have initially begun as a single veil iron maul, famed for its deadly nature and macabre characteristics. When wielded by a single person, the weapon granted the owner the ability to inhabit other bodies at will. It goes on to document firsthand accounts from those who witnessed an individual that possessed the maul, though it seems to have changed hands repeatedly over time. The wielder developed a distinct, and overwhelming bloodlust while taking over the other vessels. Multiple, unusual deaths became rampant, with a rash of people suddenly going on a murderous rampage and finishing the act by committing suicide in an exceptionally gory fashion. The wielder, however, remained untouched. These episodes were finally attributed to V'tull's divine inspiration being imbued into the weapon, as indicated by the unsettling amount of power and reprieve that the wielder was granted when body jumping.

The tome reveals slightly more about the public history of the Relics. The maul was eventually recovered with the assistance of a small sub-sect of monks, and a communal decision was made to render the artifact powerless. This was accomplished by removing a ring of bone and a dark-cored bloodjewel from the haft. When separated, the maul's body possession qualities were lost, but the weapon itself was left intact. It was given to the craftsman who had risked his life to dismantle the maul. The other two objects retained peculiar properties, and as such, were given to trustworthy individuals for guardianship. The Berserker's Bloodjewel was sent to the monks, and depicted as increasing a combatant's bloodlust dramatically, as it was believed to be instilled with a touch of the deity's vengefulness and rage. The notched bone ring was gifted to a prominent elven warrior who worked with the monks to retrieve the maul, and he officially named the piece Illusion's Shroud. The ring was capable of casting a veil of invisibility and producing a sanctuary over a sizable field, and it was considered a highly desirable and valuable item. With the need for the utmost protection and proper storage being taken into consideration, the warrior eventually bestowed the ring upon the city of Ta'Illistim for safekeeping.

The tome concludes there, but the similarities between Illusion's Shroud and what Filorn spoke of the other night seemed relevant to the discovery of the Enclave. If it is ever determined to be helpful or applicable to the matter at hand, my family would be in agreement with a review of the scroll and tome at any point in time.


Lady Sibwen Aurithe Illistim
Feastday, the 24th day of Imaerasta, in the year 5116.