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This template is meant to be included at the top of all script articles to provide clear information about the script. The template has tree arguments:

title required A descriptive title for the script.
author optional The author of the script. Defaults is "Unknown".
compat required The client compatibility of the script. Valid options are "WR" for Wrayth, "WFE" for Wizard FE, or "WR/WFE" cross-compatibility.
compatwarn optional A reason why the script is not compatible with one client or the other.
category optional Places the script in a gswiki category, such as "Travel scripts". If not selected, uses "Scripts" by default.

An example of the template's use:

 | title = A Test Script 
 | author = Anshou
 | compat = WR

This example would display as:

Title: A Test Script
Author: Anshou
Compatibility: Wrayth Only