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Bonding Level Effect Combat Message FEAT WEAPONBOND INFO message Swings between Bonding Flares Same-Level Kills Required Cumulative Same-Level Kill Total
0 N/A N/A The connection is largely untested. N/A N/A N/A
1 An attack that cannot be outright blocked or parried. (Ignores Block/Parry - Evade is still possible) As you attack, your {weapon} seems to tug at your hand, as if subtly guiding your strike! The connection is still fresh and new. 4 100 100
2 An attack that does extra damage upon a successful hit. You feel your {weapon} focus itself upon your foe, giving additional force to your strike! You feel that your connection is strong. 6 200 300
3 An attack that is harder to defend against. (Lowers DS) As you attack, your {weapon} shifts your strike slightly downward to take advantage of an opening in your foe's defenses! It is a tried and true friend. 8 300 600
4 An attack that is quicker than normal. (Lowers RT by 1) As you attack, you and your {weapon} seem to move together in perfect tandem, making your strike feel almost effortless! It is almost an extension of your own body. 10 400 1000
5 An attack that strikes your opponent twice. You feel your {weapon} straining back towards your foe! Taking advantage of this, you manage to effortlessly reverse your momentum and strike again! There is no doubt of the pure spiritual connection you share with it. 12 500 1500