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This template is designed solely for Ebon Gate 2016. Most if not all of the pages using this template will be generated with a Lich script that catalogs festival shops. There will be a special edition of this script for Ebon Gate 2016. Ebon Gate shop listings must be done with each shop on its own page and then transcluded into the main shop list page, or loading and editing will be a serious issue. 2016 will be the first time using Labeled Section Transclusions for this task.

The rough template coding is ideal for beginners helping with the list and allows for great flexibility. The code below integrates a few templates that can be used repeatedly.

Copy/paste code:

<section begin=2016 />
<noinclude>==2016 Inventory==
|location= }}
|exits= }}
{{sign|sign= }}
{{Container|container= }}
<section end=2016 />

Since it is much more likely that there will be exits instead of paths, only exits are in the copy/paste code, but if it is paths, change exits to paths.

If there are multiple containers in a room, repeat the Container template and shop data generated as described above. Keep everything between the blockquote tags.

New for 2016: If there are multiple rooms to a shop, insert a Header 3 ===Roomname=== then repeat all applicable code from the RoomDescription template to the bottom. The shop listing page TOC is restricted to Header 2, so they will not show up in the TOC, and each room will be able to be edited individually as well as be linked to with hashtag links. If the room names are exactly the same, use something along the lines of "East Room" or "Shopname Arch".