Tempton Sinklair

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Tempton Sinklair
Storyline War of Nations
Gender male
Race halfling
Affiliation(s) Fortuneers

Tempton Sinklair was a halfling and the last known leader of the Fortuneers.


You see Fortuneer Tempton Sinklair.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He appears to be very young and average height.  He has lucid grog-amber eyes and golden brown skin.  He has thinning, tied back jet black hair worn in a ponytail.  He has a weathered face, a straight nose and a curled mustache.  He is a bit dusty-looking and has copious speckles of ink all over his face and hands.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a golvern shield, a crystal amulet, an asymmetric chiseled stone helmet, a gleaming ten pointed rolaren badge, a dusty carmine treated eelskin windcloak, a tool-strung red expedition backpack, a light suit of ancient golvern brigandine, some sturdy goat fur edged trousers reinforced at the knees, and a dirty pair of steel-toed grey workboots.


Badge prior to promotion:

You look closely at Tempton, examining a gleaming ten pointed rolaren badge.  The simplicity of this badge when seen from a distance is dispelled upon closer inspection.  Each tiny point is a maze of intricate detailing, and small slivers of ruby and sapphire are worked into the design to catch the light.  Emblazoned in the center of the rolaren in thin vaalin script are the words, "Elanthian Treasure Hunters, Member 303 1/2"