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Slipping the envelope beneath his cloak, Teveriel stepped out from beneath the awning he'd used for temporary shelter to write his letter. The Shining City failed to live up to its name in the dead of night, rainclouds shrouding the moons and stars as the elflord slipped through the labyrinthine vars and weys away from the direction of Ta'Illistim Keep. He gave a wide berth to any patrolling guardsmen; it wasn't likely he would arouse suspicion, but with Lord Legionnaire Commander Jaranzair being held in 'polite' custody some might recognize him as someone he'd been known to speak with often. With that in mind, he quickened his pace, his booted footsteps nearly drowned out by the steady fall of rain.

Home free, he thought triumphantly as he neared the Sapphire Gate.

But then the guard on duty hailed him.

"You," the frown on the soldier's face was shadowed by the pale blue of the lantern she lifted towards Teveriel. The aragless plaques that held his cloak glowed like silver fire, reflecting the magical light and illuminating the finery Teveriel wore. "Have you come from the ball that was held at the Keep?"

"I have," Teveriel answered calmly. "You may have heard, but it ended rather abruptly. No one will tell us anything," he added, affecting an annoyed tone. "Anything you can share?"

The guard pointed her lantern directly in Teveriel's face, trying to peer underneath his hood. Her eyes widened in surprise. "Anduin," she blurted in sudden realization. "Officer Anduin of the Golden Hawks?"

"The same," he replied, bowing his head slightly. He thought she looked familiar. "I remember you. We fought together on the ground. The Miscere'golab.." He trailed off, shaking his head grimly.

She nodded once. "Begging your pardon, sir. We're to watch for any of the dignitaries attempting to leave the city, and--"

"I understand," Teveriel soothed, lifting one gloved hand. "Forgive me. Curious though I may be, I am wet and tired and eager to return to my wife." The guard inclined her head and motioned her spear towards the gates. "Take care on your journey home, then." Teveriel thanked the guard and made his way through the courtyard beyond to the portcullis. Once outside, he let out a low whistle and Bathron emerged at a trot from a stand of trees not far from the main road. Hoisting himself into the saddle, he kicked his heels into the charger's flanks and they were off.

On horseback, the journey around the Lake of Fear posed no threat; Bathron was truly the swiftest steed he'd ever ridden. He leaned close as they galloped over the rough terrain, whispering soothing words of encouragement. In what seemed like no time, they arrived at the Victory Gate of Ta'Vaalor. "Whoa," he murmured, slowing the charger to a trot as they made their way past King's Court to Guardian Keep itself. Teveriel half-leapt, half-slid from his saddle, reaching beneath his cloak to retrieve the crimson-edged envelope.

"See that this reaches Lord Legionnaire Commander Cyik," he said brusquely. "Without delay."