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Teveriel nodded patiently as Barlon went over their meeting in summary, occasionally tapping the parchment on the table between them to point out some passage or another of particular note.

"To put it into layman's terms," Teveriel reasoned, "We would not be in violation of any extant customs laws so long as we disclose our profits and expenses to Wyvern Keep." The scrivener's advice had proven invaluable thus far; Teveriel was more than accustomed to overseeing matters of his estate, but a private trading company dealing in foreign import and export was another matter entirely.

"Indeed," the other elf nodded. "And as noted in the aforementioned article seventeen, the transport of certain materials deemed by the Crown to be 'sensitive' carry certain restrictions. To wit, your intention to market certain metals, fabrics, and woods abroad will require three separate licenses." He gave a slight shrug, the silver chain he wore about his neck jingling with the motion. "An expensive undertaking, in truth."

"But one in which we stand to gain exponentially, with the right buyers," Teveriel countered. He recalled the time he and Uniana had spent on Caligos Isle, and the awe with which even imperial and Faendryl eyes regarded the aqilorn they had brought for Oirisu to work with. There was demand for elven commodities, and with the opening of a new harbor, now was the time for enterprising individuals to capitalize on it.

"Just so," Barlon nodded reasonably. "I am no businessman, Lord Anduin," he added with a rueful smile. "Buying, selling--my expertise is in canon law."

"Expertise that has already served me well in my investments westward." Teveriel allowed a faint smile, albeit short-lived. "Allow me to be blunt, Barlon. We could use a man of your talents. I already know the paltry salary afforded you by the Keep, and once we commence operations I am prepared to double it." Folding his hands on the haon tabletop, he fixed the scrivener with a shrewd gaze. "Does that prospect interest you?"

Barlon's mouth hung open for a moment, then he let out a nervous laugh. "As your legal advisor, I assume?" He hesitated, "Lord Anduin, I--" But Teveriel lifted a single hand to forestall his protest.

"This is no small undertaking," he assured him confidently. "But a large scale operation already nearing fruition. We have partners. Our fleet is built, with the shipwrights constructing two more as we speak. You know me to be a man of honor, true to my word, and most relevantly one of means. Is that not so?" Barlon could only nod in response to the stern glance that punctuated his question. Teveriel gazed at him a moment longer before rising from his seat. "I will allow you time to think it over, of course. I shall have the relevant documents prepared for your perusal and sent to your office on the morrow to await your signature."

Teveriel studied him carefully as he stood to formally exchange farewells. He could tell by the way Barlon's smile lit his eyes and the new confidence in his body language that he would accept the position all too gladly, and it was all he could do to hide his own. Everything was coming together quickly, and he knew that they would be prepared.