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Hot on the heels of a taverngoing Gilded Talon porter's report, a decidedly less threatening letter is sent to Guardian Keep:

17 Koaratos, 5123

To His Excellency Sovereign Commander Qalinor Vaalor,

Rumors have been circulating in regards to a certain letter threatening to cut the purse strings of our fair City-State's burgeoning economy. The concerns of the Collective are not without merit; by now, I am certain that official reports will have reached your ears about last night's escalation of our troubles on the Neartofar Road. I fear this is only half of it, as the newly opened port has attracted any number of unscrupulous pirates and savage krolvin to the Sea of Mists thinking to prey upon ships laden with goods. The Gilded Talon Consortium is doing, and will continue to do, all it can to aid in both the shipping of trade goods and the defense of the same.

But I must reiterate, Your Excellency, the need for manned watchtowers and regular patrols on the route through the oceanside forest. Mistwatch itself would benefit greatly from walled defenses and a regularly maintained garrison. In the short time since its opening, Ta'Vaalor and her citizens have prospered from the trade the new port has brought--a prosperity that will prove all too fleeting if we do not take protective measures. The dreams of retired air servicemen alone are simply not enough to sustain it.

Lord Teveriel Anduin Vaalor
Chairman, Gilded Talon Consortium