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Murmurs of approval erupted from all sides of Teveriel's space on the stands reserved for jousters awaiting their turn at the lists, and the elven lord could only join in with subdued applause. At the lists, the defeated figure in scarlet armor staggered to his feet. A small contingent of squires in Dragon livery struggled to calm his startled courser, his raven-hued coat marred with the blood of his rider. His vanquisher, a knight wearing armor of enameled ivory decorated with azure gemstones, rode confidently to the raised area occupied by the herald and judges with lance pointed skyward to present the pennant bearing the silver harp of House Loenthra.

"Victory to Unicorn's rider!" The herald crowed his proclamation, soon drowned out by the fanfare of trumpets and the cheers of spectators as both jousters were escorted from the tiltyard. It was the third unhorsing of the day, almost unheard of at tournaments such as this whose scoring was largely counted by the breaking of lances, and all of them awarded to the so-called 'Knight of Sapphires.'

After Uniana saw him off that morning Teveriel had spent most of the day simply watching him--not out of admiration, at least at first, but in the methodical way of a hunter studying the habits of his prey. But as the victories mounted it soon became apparent that he was observing a fellow predator, quickly earning his respect and lighting the embers of rivalry.

"Next is Teveriel, Lord Anduin for the Dragon," the attended called. "Facing Gylmedn of the Unicorn; take your places!" Teveriel breathed a resolute sigh as he donned his helm and stepped past the attendant toward the paddock where his charger awaited. He had several matches left before the round with the Knight of Sapphires, and he resolved to save his efforts for what he now regarded as his true test.