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7 Ivastaen, 5123

Teveriel reined in his charger as he turned an encompassing gaze about his surroundings. The var where he now found himself was lined with stalls selling assorted game meats, fruits, nuts, and other such bounties of the forest. It was a long ride, but a necessary one due to the delicate handling required by the situation. Still, not a single complaint lingered in the elflord's mind as Bathron bore him down the main var and an adjoining wey that wound toward the outskirts of the city proper until the recognizable wood and stone facade of the manor came into view. He had only visited it once before shortly before Lintarith and Solvei were wed, but still he found its rustic beauty surprising in contrast with the ostentatious wealth of the family who owned it.

The stablehand intercepted Teveriel at the gate, bidding him to dismount before taking Bathron's bridle, and he himself was ushered by one of the servants into the parlour where he was offered a seat at an L-shaped leather couch. Another servant brought a tray laden with evergreen tea and shortbread biscuits, setting it upon the small table in front of him before Lord Aeldrish finally arrived to entertain his guest. "Lord Anduin," he greeted him kindly, pouring tea into a pair of cups and offering one to Teveriel before taking a seat next to him. "What a splendid surprise. Could it be that you've finally decided to take me up on my offer of a hunt?"

Teveriel accepted the tea, but gave Lord Aeldrish an apologetic smile. "In due time," he promised, taking a generous sip of the fragrant tea before continuing. "But today I have come to discuss business of a different sort."

The older elf arched one quizzical brow. "My business or yours?"

"Neither. Rather, someone else's," Teveriel admitted. Lord Aeldrish furrowed his brow in confusion and the younger elf raised his hand as if to ward off any more questions. "Allow me to explain in brief. You have no doubt heard of the recent troubles in Ta'Illistim." He paused, waiting for Lord Aeldrish to nod before continuing. "The investigation continues with precious little in the way of actual progress. We suspect that someone may be muddying the waters. By that, I mean paying the Keep's servants, guards, and other staff to confound the investigation with nonsensical rumors."

Lord Aeldrish nodded slowly, pondering. "And you would have me use my position at the Bank to confirm whether there is any evidence of suspicious transactions taking place," he reasoned after a long moment.

"Indeed. You understand why such a delicate matter could not be conveyed by courier." Another apologetic smile. "And I understand there is no small amount of risk involved in such an inquiry; you must know I would not ask this lightly."

The older elf puffed his cheeks and blew out a contemplative sigh. After a moment, he gave Teveriel a sideways glance. "I owe you much and more, Lord Anduin. Not to mention how good your cousin has been to my Solvei. She adores him, you know." Teveriel smiled, inclining his head, and Aeldrish sighed again. "I can make no promises of uncovering anything beneficial, but I shall see what I can do. With discretion," he emphasized.

"Thank you, Lord Aeldrish. I could not ask for more." Teveriel smiled inwardly, confident that if there was a trail to follow, his agent would deliver.