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Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 8198
Date: 01/11/2016 08:23 PM EST
Subject: A Tale of Thadston
So last night, Lord Ambrus, the Paladin of Koar shared some background information on Sir Thadston. There is no love lost between Thadston and Ambrus, since Ambrus is married to Thadston's ex-wife, and has basically raised his son. Oh, there's also the whole Church of Koar, and Ambrus works for Prelate Chaston thing too. For those of you who missed Ambrus' tale, I will actually share the "background" info on Thadston below. There's a lot of more information than Ambrus listed, because well, I didn't want him to sound like a robot just copying/pasting. So even if you were around for the tale, it's worth a read!

Given the public events of last night with the sharing of this information, feel free to have your PC know it now.


Thadston was born in 5071 and is currently 44 years old. His father owned a small home and farm just outside of Mensyl Keep. His mother had passed from sickness early on. When he was still a small boy, his father was injured on the farm, leaving him with a horrible leg injury that gave him a permanent limp, forcing his father to leave the life of a farmer and eventually he found new work in cobbling. Thadston's father eventually sold his farm, moving him and his son to Lolle, the capitol of North Hendor.

Thadston was placed into Winterkeep Academy, almost an outcast among the children of many elite nobles and knights. Such admittance to the Academy was made possible by Thadston's father's many years of saving, and the somehow surprising successful cobbling business he had begun, which eventually drew the attention of some nobles among the Earl's court. It was during one long winter, that monsterous hordes had attacked a segment of Lolle, somehow surprisingly many of the city defenders, and a brave act by Thadston's father not only felled the lead ogre who had led the rampage, but in doing so also preserved the life of the daughter of one of Hendor's most prominent merchants at the time.

Due to his bravery, Earl Kurdin Weirlund V, the Northern Sentinel positioned out of South Hendor at the time, officially knighted Thadston's father, awarding him both title and land near Lolle for his noble deed. While such an action bestowed new wealth and opportunities to Thadston's family, it set to only further tarnish Thadston in the eyes of his fellow classmates, who often mocked him by calling him the son of the Cobbler Knight.

In 5092, the same year that Earl Weirlund of Hendor died, Thadston had officially joined the City Guard of Lolle, where none of those who had ridiculed him years ago were found. Within the guard, Thadston felt more at home, finally among peers who understood hard work, valor and a true sense of duty. He despised the entitled noble children of the Academy he had graduated from. During his time with the City Guard, the shadow of being the son of the "Cobbler Knight" had vanished and he had begun to finally make a name for himself.

For nearly ten years after the death of Earl Weirlund, the Empress Mynal'lyanna had refused to name a new Northern Sentinel, choosing to allow Baron Lerep Hochstib to continue his aggression towards Vornavis and Wehnimer's Landing. Finally, Earl Eddric Jovery of Lolle was named the new Northern Sentinel, as Earl Weirlund had left behind no children of age to rule, so the title was given to the Earl of North Hendor.

In 5103, after the assassination of Empress Myal'lyanna and the ascension of Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles, the Northern Sentineil was able to finally dispatch the forces of Hendor and Vornavis to crush the Jantalarian aggression outside of Wehnimer's Landing, ending the rogue activities of Baron Lerep Hochstib.

It was during this crusade against Jantalarians, that Thadston found himself elevated from the Lolle city guard and squired into the Order of Llaestal's Guard, where he was eventually knighted by Earl Jovery for his commanding bravery and skill during the conflict and subsequent battles in restoring order to the northern region.

But while none could question Thadston's loyalty to Hendor and the Earl, he was not without his failings earlier in his path to knighthood. In the final years of his time at Winterkeep Academy, he had met and fell in love with a woman named Saraphene, the daughter of a commoner. She was as common as he felt about himself, and her grace complimented his rough edge. They married as soon as he finished with the Academy, and within the year their son, Disean was born. Previous to their marriage, Thadston had begun chasing away his inner demons with the fiery spirits provided at every tavern in Lolle. The specter of his father's persona as the cobbler knight and the constant ridicule within the Academy had driven him to such liquid comforts. It was a habit he managed well enough. Shortly after his marriage he began to take on security or mercenary work in and around Lolle. Eventually his addiction spiraled out of control, and he nearly got one of his clients killed when hired on as a mercenary, which landed him without work, a bad reputation, and a wife who finally ended their marriage, taking with her their very disappointed four year old son.

Many a lesser man at this point in life may have found an end in the bottom of a bottle or the tip of a sword, but Thadston's long dormant sense of pride and duty was awakened at the realization that he had essentially lost all he had held dear. It was then, that Thadston joined the City Guard among the lowest echelons, working himself up through the ranks, eventually gaining a better reputation and catching the attention of the Order of Llaestal's Guard. In time, Thadston would be knighted by Earl Jovery himself and hand-picked to help clean up the chaos in the aftermath of the Jantalarian war, to which Sir Thadston proved his value time and again.

Despite his new path, title and influence, Thadston remains apart from Saraphene, who has been re-married, to a man by the name of Ambrus, a Paladin of Koar in Talador. Ambrus has spent years raising Disean, almost as his own, and the boy who has grown up so much, has recently become an Acoylte in the Church of Koar.

As of 5115, Sir Thadston was dispatched by Earl Jovery to Wehnimer's Landing to build a Northern Outpost near the town to become a bastion of peace and supervision over the area. After years and years of darkness and evil rising up in Wehnimer's Landing and being able to fester, the Northern Sentinel refuses to allow threats to ever gain strength again, and so for the safety of the Turamzzyrian Empire and its people, North Hendor has established a new presence within the grasslands near Wehnimer's. Sir Thadston, due to his experience, skillset and loyalty to the Earl was named the Commander of the outpost and has been tasked with restoring stability to the region north of the Empire, and to severely weaken or eliminate many of the criminal or evil agents still existing in and around Wehnimer's Landing.

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer's Landing
Human Guru