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The Aelotoi magistrate is Cysaegir's primary law enforcement officer. Like the law enforcers of other towns, it is she who one takes accusations to, and is involved in the arresting of town criminals. She wanders around town when not actively engaged in anything. She has an office inside of the Reformatory, but rarely is to be found there. If you were recently incarcerated you will need to LOOK on the desk to find your box of belongings. Interestingly, there is a portrait on her desk of an adult woman and a young girl, both possessing features shared by the magistrate. It is possible that the portrait is of the magistrate and her mother, or perhaps another older relative. She varies widely in her personality characteristics, shifting from playful to protective, to serious to casual.


Copper red hair partially conceals a long jagged scar that mars her features. Clad in dark brown pantaloons that are neatly tucked inside of knee-high black leather boots, piercing stormy green eyes stare out from an olive complexioned face that appears chiseled from stone. Hard planes and straight lines are slightly complimented by pouting lips that are flanked by dimples. With a straight back and eyes that are constantly surveying the area, her hands rest lightly on the hilt of a very business-like short-sword.

Idle and Movement Scripts

  • Looking annoyed, the Aelotoi magistrate stomps in and glares around at nothing in particular.
  • The Aelotoi magistrate quietly walks in, leaning back on one heel, her wings flitter in an agitated manner.
  • The Aelotoi magistrate strides in purposefully, glancing around she begins to absently stroke the hilt of her short-sword.
  • The Aelotoi magistrate just arrived whistling an offbeat ditty.
  • Twirling a dagger, the Aelotoi magistrate casually strolls into the area.
  • Gazing up at the sky, the Aelotoi magistrate's eyes suddenly widen as she shouts, "Holy L'Naere! Did you see that? It looked like a house with wings!"
  • Muttering darkly as she wipes a smudge of dirt from her pant leg, the Aelotoi magistrate complains about dust and clean uniforms.
  • Surveying the area with a critical eye, the Aelotoi magistrate's wings flutter in an agitated manner.
  • Watching a group of children playing dodge ball in the street, the Aelotoi magistrate leans against a tree and turns her head from side to side as she keeps track of the ball
  • Whistling an upbeat ditty, the Aelotoi magistrate abruptly snatches her dagger from its sheath and hurls it without aiming at a nearby tree. Grinning wickedly, she causally strolls over and retrieves it from within the gap of a tree trunk.
  • Appearing flustered, the Aelotoi magistrate glances back over her left wing as she heads (direction).
  • Humming the tune of a popular limerick, the Aelotoi magistrate just went (direction).
  • In a rush, the Aelotoi magistrate darts (direction) in a determined manner.
  • Looking quite bored, the Aelotoi magistrate idly wanders (direction).
  • Yawning hugely, the Aelotoi magistrate casually strolls (direction).