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Cysaegir map by Tsoran

Cysaegir is a small Illistim-built town found off Whistler's Pass. Formerly named Glimae'den, it had been abandoned for some time when the Aelotoi arrived in Elanthia in the year 5103. Myasara Illistim, wanting to help them along in their new lives in Elanthia, had the town cleaned up and reinhabited, and then gave it to the aelotoi. The name Cysaegir means "Sanctuary" in the aelotoi language, and it was named such as it represents the first true safe haven they have ever known. It is now inhabited by the aelotoi and a number of elves who run the shops and other services of the town.

The town itself is found in a lush forest, and portions of it are actually located in the treetops. It is rather small, but offers most standard town services, including citizenship available to all races, an inn, and a bank. It does not have lockers, however.

Due to the Aelotoi's recent arrival on Elanthia, they do not bear the same prejudices and stereotypes of the various races of Elanthia as the elves. Hence, Cysaegir is accommodating towards all races, offering fair prices towards non-elves, the only exception being half-krolvin, who receive a -15% modifier. It also offers a neutral price modifier for all elven variants including dark elves, meaning that it is the most economic town for making purchases or selling goods for dark elves in Elanthia. Notably, it is the only town in the game to offer a beneficial price modifier towards Aelotoi.


The following automated NPCs reside in Cysaegir.

Shops and Buildings

The following locations, stores, and facilities can be found in Cysaegir.


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