The Arisaid

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The Arisaid - A study in the female highlander garb of the T'Kirem Bear Clan

Worn in the highlands, the arisaid is a traditional female clothing item that is as unique as the kilt. Arisaids can be fashioned of all manner of cloth, though historically they are made of rolton or lamb's wool. Their coloring varies from plain to striped, with brighter colors being more expensive, however, a recent push for tartan fabrics has begun under the tutelage of a young enterprising merchant of the T'Kirem Clan.

The garment is fashioned from a long rectangular piece that is twice the height of the wearer and as wide as the distance between the wearer's extended arms from wrist to wrist.

To wear the piece, the female would wrap the fabric from the short end around the waist and form simple pleats that can be belted at the waist. While the bottom edge is never lower than the ankle, the upper edges are pinned or knotted at the throat. This pinning around the torso allows the edges to be drawn closed to stave off the weather or cold, or thrown back to manipulate items or cool the torso. Frequently, the careful knotting or pinning at the throat creates a bowl of fabric that can be used as a hood or left to drape cape-like down the back.

In practice, the highlander female would wear a chemise as her bottom layer, followed by a bodice, a skirt, and an arisaid. She would then accessorize with her belt, her brooch, and her clan armband. Tall boots, either calf or knee-height, would round out her outfit, which is to say nothing for the various hidden daggers scattered throughout her assemblage.