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This is a GM storyline that took place in the Platinum Instance during 2014. The official title is "The Dark".

Baronial Coronation Delayed

03/11/2014 01:35 PM CDT

All was going to plan, but then rumors started spreading. Lord Kuligar was seen going to the Silver Mines night after night. And nothing made sense of it. Until you added in the discovery of something rare and precious! Something that would divert all attention to Talador! So it only makes sense that the coronation would be delayed now. If the rumors were true, that is. But that didn't explain the vivid nightmares many complained about. Now to wait till Olaesta! Oh the bother!

Word from the Earl

04/12/2014 11:47 AM CDT

With the festivities underway, Earl Jovery of North Hendor makes preparations with for the baronial coronation. At Kuligar's request, the Hero of Talador wishes to be Azorlak's executioner on the day he is to be appointed ruler, which is the 30th of the month, at roughly the Hour of Tonis. Until then, merchants slowly arrive in Talador.

Azorlok Captured! Hero to be Appointed Baron!

04/09/2014 12:12 PM CDT

Months have passed since Azorlok's capture, and with the hero of Talador to be appointed Baron, a celebration during the month of Olaesta was to be had in Kuligar's honor! Knowing the north struggled many long months during the Lornonite rising, Grand Magister Pylasar of the Hall of Mages in Chastonia has opened a portal so the adventurers of Elanthia may join in the revelry! The portal is located just south of Wehnimer's Landing in Lower Dragonsclaw. Please join us for the Baronial Coronation at the end of the month!


04/30/2014 10:22 PM CDT

The Baronial Coronation began promptly at 8pm, residents, officials, and delegates from around the land gathered in the courtyard, for the anxiously anticipated execution of the Avatar of Sheru. Kuligar appeared piqued, but he remained calm and collective, as one would expect from a soon-to-be Baron of Talador. The Sheruvian Azorlok screamed within Doggoroth Keep's dungeon, as he was nailed to a wooden sunburst and escorted into the courtyard. The lower portion of the famished Avatar's face was covered by a blackened steel mask, and the pitiful flesh that was displayed before those gathered was a pale resemblance of the power that Azorlok once honed.

Kuligar didn't hesitate to act, and his demeanor shifted from cool and collective, to one of a man bent on power. Clutching the tongue of Naja, he announced he'd cleanse Elanith by summoning the nightlyngs from their plane. Kuligar produced the Lance of Finality, a weapon crafted from black alloy, and plunged it into Azorlok's chest. An inky black fluid poured from the fallen Avatar, and shout into the sky, creating a shadowy maelstrom.

Kuligar's mortal skin was shredded, and a winged shadowy beast emerged, which fled into the garrison behind a writhing wall of shadow. Adventurers were met with hordes of nightlyngs, and eventually destroyed the barrier and dispatched the beast. The tongue of Naja fell to the ground, but before anyone could recover it, the maelstrom sucked everyone into a temporal rift. People began finding themselves in Shadow Valley near Wehnimer's Landing.

Once back to Lower Dragonsclaw, it was discovered the portal had collapsed and there was no way to Talador. An Estorian knight that arrived for the Baronial Coronation found his way to Wehnimer's Landing, where he spoke of the maelstrom. He stated that Earl Jovery of North Hendor was already sending troops to vanquish the nightlyngs and stop the maelstrom in Talador. But shortly after his arrival, another portal opened, a beast similar to Kuligar appeared. The knight fell in battle, and once the shadow-encased being was slain, the portal was closed.

A bandit arrived with news of the tongue, but suspicions arose, and the bandit was killed. Zherr quickly motioned adventurers to find him under Moot Hall and explained the trouble of Talador is likely not one to plague the Landing for some time, but expressed concern for River's Rest. He hinted to take note of the weapon Kuligar used.

Adventurers then led a party to Wraithenmist, where they sought after the Queen's Tower, only to find a pillar blocking it off. A clue to what's to come? Or a dead end? That's for you to decide.


05/10/2014 02:33 PM CDT

Months passed since the capture of Azorlok, and Kuligar was to be appointed as ruler of Talador. Kuligar was still the favored lord of the area, but since his heroic deeds, he had become more arrogant and walked as if he had come across a new found power. The Grand Magister Pylasar of the Hall of Mages in Chastonia opened a portal to the northern lands, inviting those that went through the struggle of the Crimson Moon to the Baronial Coronation, which was to take place at the end of the month.

Kuligar was spotted by the tavern during the first week, several adventurers brought up the rumors of him possibly knowing the location of the Avatar of Luukos as well. Some also wanted to know how a single man brought down the Avatar of Sheru, let alone two Lornonites. Kuligar admitted Azorlok was weakened and said he had errands to do, departing for the night.

During the second week, within the Silver Mines, an unfamiliar metal coffer was found, containing a heavy aura. When sung to, the following information could be gleaned:

As your verse comes to an end, a powerful aura chokes your voice, something not of this plane and lost within the ether of time. Your mind races as temporal forces pull at you, like gravity with a fluctuating source. You close your eyes, and when you open them, an image of a male elf stands before you, a set of runes branded into his neck. He holds a pike of black alloy, twin gilded serpents form the shaft. You reach out to the elf, and your skins meld into the shadows, waking you from the nightmare.

Week three, Naja's death was felt, and adventurers rushed to the Silver Mines. Her corpse was found, and was consumed by the shadows. And interesting flaw in the corpse was her tongue was missing. Kuligar showed up at the exit to the Silver Mine wondering about the earthquakes. They all were escorted to the tavern, where some adventurers questioned Kuligar's motives. He departed that night, and the barkeep mentioned that talking about such rumors would be treason. After some back and forth, a mysterious stranger appeared, who ended up being Zherr. He warned everyone to be careful in Talador.

The final week, during the night of the Baronial Coronation, Kuligar was to execute Azorlok. He began talking of cleansing Elanith and unsheathed a ceremonial black alloy pike. Resembling ShadowDeath, Kuligar announced the pike as the Lance of Finality, and plunged it into Azorlok's chest. From out of the wound, an inky black liquid poured out, birthing the nightlyngs, a shadowy race of creatures. Kuligar's skin shed, and he flung the pike into the sky, where it never returned to the ground. Adventurers chased after the shadowy being and dispatched him. The tongue of Naja fell from his corpse, but a maelstrom swept everyone up before anyone could recover it.

Shadows engulfed Talador, and Earl Jovery of North Hendor sent forces to the barony to rescue what was left of city. Talador's fate still hasn't been determined, and the shadowy maelstrom continues to grow over the Turamzzyrian Empire, heading west toward the Tempest River and Great Western Sea.

The Inky Black Pillar

05/21/2014 10:15 PM CDT

Deep in the forest known as Wraithenmist, an inky black pillar, resembling living shadows, blocked the path leading into the Queen's Tower. A wizard going by the name of Larenzo had been seen doing research among the ShadowDeath structure. Worried he had something to do with the Talador incident, a group of elven mercenaries will be scouring the Wraithenmist area in search for the mage. They will be gathering on the Sylvarraend Road outside the path to the forest at nine bell tolls passed the noon sun.


05/31/2014 06:35 PM CDT

The demon hunter just showed his face in River's Rest. I wonder what he's doing there?

Lich's Landing - The Tongue of Naja

06/22/2014 06:30 PM CDT

On the 24th (Tuesday) at roughly 8pm EDT, Larenzo will be gathering all able hands to venture into the realm of Luukos. A parallel plane to Wehnimer's Landing will be opened from the Hall of Mages to retrieve a necrotic orb that may allow the mage to gain information from the Tongue of Naja. Be warned, dying in the realm of Luukos may cause your soul to be permanently lost, and this trip may be a one way mission.

The Necrotic Orb - A Loss

06/24/2014 09:08 PM CDT

Adventurers came across the necrotic orb in the Luukosian plane, only to have their hopes stripped away. After countless warnings to not touch the orb, the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing procured it, sealing his fate to replace the lich-king of that plane.

Larenzo left the Mayor to the undead, knowing well and good that if he took Hraus out, he would have soon perished. But the mission was a loss, and the nightlyngs have taken the Hall of Mages. Larenzo died saving the adventurers, even if his motives seemed cold. And now the plight goes unsolved for now.

A spellblade from the Hall of Mages arrived in Wehnimer's Landing shortly after to state that Earl Jovery found the remains of Naja and Azorlok, both alive, but only husks of their former selves. He mentioned the only way to stop the nightlyngs would be to travel to their dimension.

Rescuing Merl, Stopping the Nightlyngs

07/09/2014 01:39 PM CDT

Tonight, in the evening, a spellblade from the Hall of Mages will be leading an effort to go into the plane where Merl was banished by the temporal orator several months ago. Merl, a shadowy beast that took residence in the keep's cellar, is actually an ancient evil by the name of Ultros. Ultros is from the same plane as the nightlyngs, and is a natural enemy to them. Once Ultros is rescued, a trip into the eye of the shadowy maelstrom will be made. There are more details, and we will go over them in game.

The Shadowy Maelstrom

07/13/2014 02:25 PM CDT

Late this afternoon, the shadowy maelstrom that brought the nightlyngs moved over most known areas of Elanthia. Nightlyngs have started to appear in random location, consuming the life of creatures. The time to take the fight to their plane will be soon.

Anchored Shadows

07/18/2014 08:46 PM CDT

Early in the evening on the 17th, the maelstrom began growing in size, widening it's vortex as it encompassed all of Elanthia. Shadowy tendrils plummeted toward the ground, as the storm anchored itself directly to Elanith. The dwarves of Zul Logoth believe the eye of the storm is somewhere on the DragonSpine Mountains.

Meanwhile, the Hall of Mages have prepared Ultros, better known as Marl, to be released for the final assault on the nightlyngs. They will be gathering at the Eye of the Storm on the DragonSpine, Tilamaires the 22nd, around 9pm EDT. They welcome all adventurers who care for the future of Elanith to help during this battle.


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Pylasar, Kuligar, Zherr, Jovery, Larenzo, Tiazani (and Zendigar), Marl (Ultros), and numerous creature NPCs || GM Wyrom
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