The Hidehunter/Wall hangings

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The Hidehunter/Wall hangings is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the Courtyard Furniture Emporium through the polished felwood door in Courtyard North. It also sells floor coverings.

[The Hidehunter]
Heads and hides of many ferocious beasts cover the walls and floors here, carefully tended by the store owner. A pair of bear heads, one as dark as the other is light, contrast sharply with one another. Off in one corner, a pile of previously stuffed heads await mounting. You also see a surly hidehunter, some animal hide rugs and some mounted trophies.


      Price  Item
1.)   75000  a large mounted roa'ter jaw
2.)   60000  a stuffed wild boar head
3.)   60000  a stretched fire cat hide
7.)   75000  a display of mounted myklian scales
8.)   60000  a mounted minotaur head
11.) 150000  a polished ki-lin horn
14.)  60000  a stretched gremlin hide