Icehouse Tavern

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Icehouse Tavern is a food shop in Icemule Trace. It is located just outside the west gate.

[The Icehouse Tavern]
This old tavern was once a great storehouse for meats and perishables. Dangling from the ceiling are several meat hooks from which lanterns have been hung. Tables and benches are placed along the walls leaving the center one big muddy pit. A row of crates is stacked along one wall forming a bar of sorts, tended by a rather grimy looking halfling. The only other feature is a heavy wooden door, which leads to the frigid weather outside.


| Ice House Menu                              |
|                                             |
| 1. A bucket of gruel           20 silvers   |
| 2. A bowl of stew              60 silvers   |
| 3. A glass of tart rum         50 silvers   |
| 4. A shot of cherry whiskey   100 silvers   |
| 5. A mug of halfling beer     150 silvers   |
|                                             |
| To order just ORDER <#>                     |

NOTE: You cannot eat herbs or drink health potions or health elixirs in the tavern, as the bartender will stop you and will then accuse you of trying to take food or beverages without paying for them.