The Illusionist and Pip

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This is a GM storyline that took place in the Platinum Instance during 2009. The official title is unknown.

The Illusionist and Pip

An illusionist posing as a seer travels with his young daughter in their wagon to the city of Wehnimer’s Landing, hoping to peddle his fortune telling services for any interested. His 8 year old daughter is a con artist at a her young age, playing off of her ragged appearance and seemingly innocent personality to gain the trust of those who might be wary of her father’s legitimacy.

Upon being in the city for a few days, the illusionist realizes the financial potential of the citizens and begins to collect information on them through his daughter’s observations. Once collected, he uses the information against the citizens by giving them ‘visions’ of their loved ones and friends in an effort create a hefty desire for 'more visions' so that he might grow wealthy on the fees. During this time, however, he makes friends with the citizens unexpectedly, and so does his daughter, Piperel. She finds she is especially fond of the Lord Marshal of the militia, and he of her. This causes the illusionist to have doubts, but he is driven by a lifetime of poverty and greed and holds steady on his path of deception.

After a few weeks of this, a young woman and her husband appear in the city, looking for the illusionist and his child, and reveal to citizens that he is a fraud and tricked them with his illusions in their city as well. They lost their child in the process, however, and came looking for him to exact revenge. The travelers stick around to speak to the local law enforcement in an attempt to garner help, and the citizens are given the opportunity to choose how to end things for Erim and Piperel. Deciding in favor of the illusionist and his young child, they fake their deaths by scuttling them off to Solhaven before local authorities arrive. The authorities buy the story and Erim and Pip are safely rucked away, though they might reappear later!


Now that the storyline is done, I'd like to give credit where credit is due! While the concept was mine, I could not have done it without several of my fellow GM's helping me through NPCing, suggestions, QCing, and messaging.

Piperel - GM Itzel
Erim - GM Naionna
Liun - GM Schascle
Oerlani - GM Naionna
Frayel - GM Cirath 

Messaging: GM Cirath, who helped with the fire messaging and also handled the bandits during the finale
QC: GM Andraste, who was gracious enough to spot QC the wagon and clearing
Support: GM Kaikala, who is always a huge support for me as a staff member

Also, the players deserve a huge thanks. You guys had me crying with laughter at times, and teary with sadness and unexpected emotion when Erim started to make friends. I have really enjoyed letting you, the players ,take the storyline wherever your hearts lead you for the ending and this was no exception. I hope to bring you more things like this in the future that you can involve yourselves in so deeply.

~GM Naionna