The Ivory Mask

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The Ivory Mask -- a gold-accented white wagon -- is a traveling wagon that generally features various Peretta items, portrait lockets, and/or other jewelry. Originally part of the Feast of Immortals Premium event in 2012, it has since shown up somewhere in Mist Harbor at or within a few weeks of that same event each year.

The wagon is owned by Sharlatta.


[The Ivory Mask]
Creamy white walls are inset along the borders with colorful gem shards, creating a clean, but soft, atmosphere. Framed by lace curtains, several windows allow sunlight to pour in and glint off of several of the many decorative masks that hang from the ceiling. Across from an armoire, a crystal case is crowded with items on display, and a gold-painted arch leads further into the wagon.
Only a limited number of each of the hand-stitched garments within this armoire are available for purchase.
In the mistwood armoire you see
a sable-corseted sage green gown of ridgeweaver silk Peretta gown
50000 (Limited Sales)
a saffron gown trailing flames of marigold and burnt orange silk
a pale blue raw silk gown wrapped in a spiral cascade of argent
a sable-corseted sage green gown of ridgeweaver silk Duplicity
Pocketed:VLA any number of items
cloak-worn functional
a pure white sendal cloak shot with subtle gold warping
a fine ramie silk cloak patterned with white-on-silver clouds
In the Common language, it reads:
Each locket in the case will capture an image of whomever first opens it.  Not every locket is right for every person.  Some hints from yours truly:

The lace-edged and platinum lockets are for those who are friendly.  These are fairly simple lockets.

The glaes and rune-etched lockets are for those who are curmudgeonly.
The heart-shaped and rose-patterned lockets are for those who are exuberantly happy.
These lockets are more complicated.

In the crystal case you see

a gold rose-patterned locket Portrait Locket ("Variable Expression") pocketed, VSA (1 item)
neck worn
a white gold heart-shaped locket
an oval-shaped glaes locket
a silver rune-etched locket
a ruby-veined platinum locket Portrait Locket ("Unique Look")
a lace-edged silver locket


[The Ivory Mask, Sitting Room]
Shafts of sunlight filter in through several glass-paned slits in the ceiling, combining with the luminary efforts of a lavish arrangement of candles to create an intensely bright area. Several divans and couches sit against the walls, surrounding a gilt-edged mistwood table. A large portrait hangs on the far wall in between two smaller pieces of artwork.

On the black oak table you see

a small silver urn (cocoa) Free
a peach-hued bottle (wine)