Iyo Glade Festival

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  • Axe Throwing
  • Duck Harvesting
  • Runestaff Lathe
  • Try for a chance at a Firewheel Flower in the Firewheel Grove

Run Dates

Release Announcement

Uhlen watched as a trio of workers carried in another series of split logs, laying them carefully along the edges of the prescribed pathway. She gnawed slightly on the inside corner of her lip as she pondered what else still needed to be done, and felt the slight scar tissue that had built up over the previous weeks' efforts... and worries.

She turned to stare across the meadow, noting that the grass had been evenly trimmed away from the pathway, and that the signposts and totems were in place. All of the families had pitched in, and she was more grateful than she had thought possible. She was still so nervous, though. This was huge, and she knew it, but it was the right thing to do for all of them.

"So when are you going to tell them?" came a voice from nearby. Uhlen didn't jump, but she did whip her head around at the familiar voice. Uhrayn grinned at her, the expression as infectious as always, and Uhlen felt an answering smile creep across her face.

"Soon," she assured her brother. "They have some troubles they're dealing with right now, but they have a remarkable way of dealing with hardship."

"Yes, yes, we know, little one," Uhrayn teased. "You've said as much and more in convincing everyone to go along with this."

Uhlen blushed slightly at her brother's tone, but shrugged all the same.

"They're worthy of our respect, brother. And it's past time we treated them as neighbors."

Uhrayn's grin faded a little, and after a moment he nodded.

"But... why a Festival?" he asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.

This time it was Uhlen's turn to grin.

"You'll see," she retorted, as she always did.


This year's Premium Fest will be held on a completely new festival grounds, and will be hosted by the Iyo families that live at the heart of the Isle of Four Winds.

(Many) more details will be forthcoming as we draw closer to the event, especially once that pesky Pashtal has been dealt with, but I wanted to share a bit of a venue teaser.

Areas to Play

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