The Legend of Soulingen

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The Legend of Soulingen is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.


Now many have wondered.... Just how did Soulingen come to be? And how did it fall into the hands of the halflings, before they gave the sword to Kai? Ages ago, a band of roving halflings, criminal by nature, were lead by some priests who dabbled in very unhalfling-like black magicks. T'was for this reason we believe they had been exiled from a nearby shire.

Wishing for a power to sate their need for revenge and greed, the dark priests made a deal with Fash'lo'nae—the God of Magic and Forbidden Knowledge—to craft them a blade, a powerful weapon that would kill all their enemies without resurrection.

Now, Fash'lo'nae was intrigued with the idea of evil halflings. So fascinating was the idea that he agreed to the deal and had the blade forged for them to use on their enemies.

One of the exiled halflings, though he was a criminal, had fallen in love with a maiden in the nearby shire. So strong was this growing bond that, seeking to be reunited with good society, he knew what he must do.

His heart being good, even though he had misstepped, meant the deal with Fash'lo'nae horrified him. Acting quickly, he managed to wrest the blade away, but not without a struggle.

The young halfling killed the dark priests in his desire to right the wrong, then ran for his life to the nearby shire, throwing himself upon the mercy of the elders. They agreed to hold the blade for safekeeping. And that they did, until they gave it to Kai.

The remaining outlawed halflings never attempted to reclaim the blade, what with their priests dead and having witnessed the horrors of the blade's dark power firsthand.

And over the years, the memory of the blade faded into legend.