The Story of the Beacon Hall Archive Ghost

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Story of the Beacon Hall Archive Ghost

Author: Kayse Thaellian

The following tale won 1st place at the scary story competition at the 5115 Ebon Gate festival. It is based on the ghost messages inside of the Beacon Hall Archive library.

The Story of the Beacon Hall Archive Ghost by Kayse Thaellian

Kayse thoughtfully begins, "Beacon Hall Archive is River's Rest only House and before their time another organization, named Jakarta, occupied the lighthouse walls.  But this tale extends far before that, when a family of three called the then functioning lighthouse their home."

(Kayse glances off into the distance for a moment as if collecting her thoughts.  Her green eyes slowly shift back to the audience.)

Kayse introduces, "The lighthouse keeper was a human by the name of Lytran who kept company with his wife, Bliare, and their six year old daughter, Celeste."

Kayse knowingly says, "Being the lightkeeper, Lytran kept long hours, working until sunlight hit the water of Maelstrom Bay.  Even during the day he trimmed the wicks, replenished fuel, and performed maintenance tasks such as cleaning lenses."

Kayse tenderly says, "Although work was Lytran's life, he knew how precious a child's youth was and he would often spend a majority of his free time reading books to Celeste in their library."

Kayse smiles quietly to herself.

Kayse pointedly remarks, "Bliare often got jealous of the time Lytran would spend with their daughter.  Afterall, she was his wife she--why shouldn't SHE get the attention over Celeste?"

Kayse wrinkles her nose.

Kayse explains, "Over time, Bliare's jealousy began to consume her.  She began to become withdrawn and distant from her daughter, as the neglect began turning her mind to dark thoughts."

Kayse furrows her brow.

Kayse continues, "One afternoon, as the fog rolled in over the bluffs off the lighthouse, Celeste begged her mother to take her out to enjoy the cool air.  Considering the climate of River's Rest, the fog and soon to be rain was a welcomed cool down.  The child's asking became an annoyance before Bliare reluctantly agreed."

Kayse absently says, "Celeste splashed playfully in the tidepools of the beach as Bliare walked a good distance behind her.  A look of hatred graced her features as she watched her daughter wade out to a group of rocks surrounded by waist deep water in the low tide."

Kayse worriedly says, "Climbing among the slippery rocks, Celeste lunged forward to catch a small crab, but lost her footing which trapped her ankle between two rocks.  Glancing towards the shore, she cried out to her mother for help.  Bliare instinctively took a few steps forward when she heard her daughter's voice, but then halted suddenly."

(Kayse scans the audience, deliberately making eye contact across the clearing and stepping forward as her voice drops in a menacing transition.)

Kayse callously says, "A cruel smirk formed on Bliare's scarlet lips as she gazed in amusement at Celeste struggling.  The tide would be coming in very soon and it was only a matter of time before those rocks and Celeste were completely under water."

Kayse grimly says, "Celeste's calls for help became panic stricken as the water began to flow up around her waist.  Bliare realized if Celeste was out of the picture, she could finally have Lytran to herself again."

(Kayse slowly exhales and glances into the clearing with a look of longing before saying in a desperate voice, "Celeste's eyes met her mothers one last time before Bliare grinned wickedly and started up the path back to the lighthouse.")

Kayse gravely says, "Bliare stood on the bluffs looking down at the sea, the rough whitecaps continuing to bash against Celeste and the rocks that held her captive.  Her emerald eyes showed no expression as the last wave freed Celeste from her prison, but carried her out to sea."

Kayse sadly says, "Upon hearing the news of his daughter's death, Lytran was devastated.  Bliare feigned emotion and had said that Celeste was playing along the cliffs and had slipped and fell into the sea."

Kayse narrows her eyes.

Kayse hollowly says, "Lytran became withdrawn from his work AND his wife--choosing to spend his time alone along the cliffs that his wife said their daughter had fallen from."

Kayse wistfully says, "Bliare's plan had backfired and instead of gaining her husband's attention back, only lost him to grief and eventually death a few months later from a broken heart."

(Kayse lets out a long dramatic sigh and places a hand over her heart.)

Kayse bitterly says, "Alone and miserable, Bliare spent her time within the darkness of the library-her husband and daughter's favorite place.  One evening, she heard an eerie child-like giggle come from behind the bookcase."

(Kayse quickly glances over her shoulder then back towards the audience.)

Kayse uneasily says, "Thinking she had gone daft, she shook her head laughing to herself as she closed her eyes for a nap.  Bliare's eyes suddenly opened wide as the sound of water dripping filled the room.  Glancing down to the right of her, small wet footprints stained the carpet leading to the door."

Kayse tensely says, "Rising quickly Bliare turned her back to the glaes door that was the only entrance to the library as she back pedaled towards it.  She glanced around in panic as hazy fog formed around her and the room became cold."

Kayse fearfully says, "Bumping into the door, she turned around quickly, but gasped in horror at what she saw.  The glaes had become fogged over by breath and the word, "Mom" was written.  Bliare screamed a blood curdling shriek as she stared at the door, her heart suddenly stopping out of the intense fear she felt, and she collapsed to the floor...dead."

Kayse somberly concludes, "As the houses around the Rest built their entities on the lighthouse property, the library was a room that stayed intact.  To this day, if you ever go to check out a book, the eerie tone of a child giggling can be heard.  Along with a trail of small wet footprints staining the carpet as Celeste picks out a new book from the shelf."

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