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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: A Tale of Many Legs

Author: Vindartin

A Tale of Many Legs
Told by Vindartin

Well well well’ If you’re reading this I assume you want to know more about those nice new tables that were installed in our town not too long ago. First off, for those of you who have never heard of me, which I suppose is most of you’ my name is Vindartin. I moved to River’s Rest quite a while ago, and have spent many a years here.

One day, I was hunting on the krolvin ship, and found a cute little table leg. She was lying there on the ground, just begging for me to help her out. So, out of a natural curiosity and her charming appearance, I stooped down and drew her into my arms. She looked cold, and worn with the years, so I put her in my greatcloak to stay nice and warm. The next day in town, I showed off my table leg to everyone around, even the Fleet Captain. For some odd reason, people kept offering me Bolmara Potion? I have no clue why though. ::shrugs:: Over time, this adorable little table leg began to grow on me. During one of our heart to heart discussions, however, she told me of her need to become useful. She was tired of holding me back; preventing me from continuing life as it should be lived. She requested that I let her back into the world so she could fulfill her purpose in life. This brought up a new dilemma. How could this be accomplished?

From that point on, my new goal in life was to save all of the table legs lost throughout River’s Rest, and find them a home. This, though, was no easy task. I called upon all of my friends in town, pleading that we save the table legs. I was amazed at the support I received. Word spread through town like Baaboo’s spoon after a halfling. Every trip through town I’d have someone offer me a table leg, and it seemed like I was always getting thoughts on the net about the newest table leg found. For months and months, my table leg collection grew. Five, ten, twenty???. I had table legs stuffed in every pocket I had. Fifty, sixty, seventy???. I finally bought a backpack to store them in (water resistant, of course). Eighty, ninety, one hundred??? my backpack reached its max and I was forced to keep some in my greatcloak. During all this time, I also searched for a tabletop to use. but to no avail. Finally, after what seemed like years, I reached a whopping total of 137 table legs. They were getting crowded, and we all knew something needed to be done.

Late one night, we decided to ask for godly assistance for these poor table legs. Many of the townsfolk and I gathered at the pier and sat down for a table leg party. I dropped 130 of my legs on the ground, and attempted to summon a god. We sat there, playing on the huge pile of table legs, for hours and hours. Finally, after seven hours of gleeful anticipation, a god arrived on the scene. She smiled at us, made a strange gesture over the table legs, and before we knew it, there was a small whirlwind forming at our feet. It grew in size and momentum, consumed the gigantic pile of table legs, and then went out to sea. We were all awestruck by the magnificent spectacle, and didn’t even notice that the god had disappeared. What just happened? What to do now? We all wondered.

Deep in thought, I trudged my way to my favorite sitting tree. Would my table legs be happier this way? How could I live without knowing what their fate was? What if I never saw them again? I laid quietly in the tree, just listening to the peace and tranquility of the area around me. Suddenly, out of no where, I became aware of a strange occurrence. I heard, “The Elanthian Waiters and Waitresses Guild is staging a brief work stoppage to protest something or other. We suspect they'll be back on duty shortly. (Tables are temporarily broken. Give us a minute or three :)”

My mind raced… could this have something to do with our table legs? The amulet suddenly became alive with speculation. Time passed. it seemed like an eternity.

”The River's Rest Inn would like to invite you to their newly remodeled dining room featuring some of the nicest dining tables in all the lands. Come and take a load off your feet.”

My heart skipped a beat. My blackberry tart, which I had clenched in my hand, fell to the ground. I couldn’t move’ was this actually happening? My mind quickly became filled with `Congratulations! and "Everybody now! Go Vindartin! Go Vindartin! Go Go Go Vindartin!" I hopped off my branch and sprinted back to town. By the time I arrived, there were already a few people at the tables? I believe Ranil was the first one in. Aephir was also present. I believe all the table legs washed up at his home and he had no choice but to aid us? ::whistles tunelessly to himself::

Then, as I was standing there admiring the new tables...

You hear the faint thoughts of Frijthof echo in your mind:

"Table leg invasion!"

A dumb table leg bares its fangs as it approaches!

A dumb table leg shifts around, looking indecisive.

A dumb table leg scratches its chin a moment while thinking hard about something...okay, well it is not really thinking hard about anything, just scratching its chin.

A dumb table leg gazes up into the air, frowning. The table leg sniffs the air a moment before exclaiming, "Ye folks shure do smell!"

A dumb table leg looks fearfully at Breina!

[River's Rest, Dining Room] Fresh cooked meats and herbs beckon you to have a seat at one of the many tables here and enjoy some of the towns finest meals. A servant passes you with a smile as she continues to a nearby table to deliver a feast for some of the hungry customers. From a door to the south you hear an ocassional rattle of pots and pans. You also see a dumb table leg, a dumb table leg, a dumb table leg, a dumb table leg, a dumb table leg, the Shaquina disk, an oaken doorway and some inviting tables.

Kaown exclaims, "bring it on leg!"

The leg claws at your hands!

A dumb table leg charges up to Frijthof and shoves him. Frijthof tries to regain his balance, but a dumb table leg has crouched behind Frijthof and he goes tumbling backwards and lands on his rear! That was kind of funny eh?

The table legs laugh aloud, slapping each other on the back!

A dumb table leg swings a closed fist at itself! AS: +0 vs DS: +20 with AvD: +25 + d100 roll: +90 = +95 A clean miss.

The table leg blushes furiously!

You hear the faint thoughts of Xanith echo in your mind:

"We're being assaulted by tables legs...Fer the love of fudge no...."

Then, as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. I was ecstatic... talk about an exciting day!! Later, Aephir asked for suggestions for tables to add in the stone eye. Most everyone in the town participated, and the following day we had ourselves ten more tables in addition to the six in the inn. And, well, that’s all I have to say for now.

You may wonder what happened to that one table leg that held a special place in my heart? Well, I wonder the same thing. I’ve examined each table carefully, yet she’s nowhere to be found. I just hope that one day I’ll get word that she’s all right. Even now, you’ll still see me picking up stray table legs, and reuniting them with their relatives at tables hoping that I’ll stumble upon her.

Vindartin, table leg connoisseur.