The Tartan Cloth

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The Tartan Cloth is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

The Tartan Cloth - a T'Kirem Initiative

Honor to your Ancestors, my Kindred cousins, for I hope this missive finds you hale and whole. As our clans look to the future, there is much of our past that I wish to preserve and hold dear. As such, I have worked hard with many of the artisans of my clan to bring forth to you the gift of the tartan cloth. Long have those of us in the highlands treasured this symbol of our people, of our ways, and we would present to your clans a cloth that offers the same. Below are samples and details of the design we have created in your honor, which we hope you will embrace.

~Lyudmila T'Kirem

T'Kirem Bear Clan

Hunter Tartan - Formulated of four thick setts of cobalt blue on the horizontal and equally as many dark green setts on the vertical, the hunter tartan has narrow pivots of dark brown. This tartan is a midweight lamb's wool.

Symbolism in Colors

  • Cobalt Blue represents the lakes of the highlands when the sky is clear.
  • Dark Green represents the hills in spring when the clans meet.
  • Dark Brown represents the bear of their namesake.

Wsalamir Arctic Clan

Winter Tartan - Formulated of two thick setts of light blue on the horizontal and three winter white setts on the vertical, the winter tartan has six pivots of steel grey in alternating patterns with the setts. This tartan is double layered lamb's wool in a heavyweight.

Symbolism in Colors

  • Azure represents the arctic skies on a clear day.
  • Winter White represents the snows of their homeland.
  • Steel Grey represents the wendigo of their namesake.

Grishknel Wolf Clan

Shadow Tartan - Forming an alternating and repeating pattern, shadow tartan has an ebon sett followed by smoky grey pivots, a reverse ebon sett, and three more smoky grey pivots before the repeat on the horizontal. The vertical is comprised of only pivots in ebon, though the whole piece is on a background of russet. This tartan is lightweight lamb's wool.

Symbolism in Colors

  • Ebon represents the darkness of night where any of the Grishknel Clan find their home.
  • Smoky Grey represents the shadows by which they cling to.
  • Russet represents the wolf of their namesake.

Issimir Ogre Clan

Coinage Tartan - Broad bands of stone grey form alternating setts around pivots of metallic-sheened silver threads on the horizontal with a background of canary yellow. The vertical pivots and setts are equidistance apart and match the patterning of the horizontal with precision. This tartan is lightweight rolton wool.

Symbolism in Colors

  • Stone Grey represents the settlements, structure, and involvement the clan has had in building up societies across the lands.
  • Silver represents the coinage they are known for and their path as shrewd merchants.
  • Canary Yellow represents the hearth, denoting that the clan has given up its roaming ways.

Grot'karesh Hammer Clan

Dark Tartan - Set upon a background of brick red, there are no setts within the horizontal and vertical patterns of the cloth. Instead, there are eight narrow pivots of different colors that are evenly spaced on both the vertical and horizontal. They are, in order before repetition, ebon, dark brown, russet, winter white, canary yellow, flaxen, sage, and lilac. This is a heavyweight rolton wool.

Symbolism in Colors

  • Brick Red represents the blood of all the clans that was shed in Maelshyvve.
  • Ebon represents the darkness that followed the Grot'karesh out of Maelsyvve.
  • Dark Brown, Russet, Winter White, Canary Yellow, Flaxen, Sage, and Lilac represent each of the clans that have fed the ranks of the Hammer Clan over the centuries.

Araime Sun Clan

Sun Tartan - Woven upon a field of flaxen, three setts of ginger, indigo, and umber framed by white pivots reverse to create the primary horizontal pattern of the cloth. The vertical is comprised only of pivots in dandelion yellow. This is a lightweight lamb's wool.

Symbolism of Colors

  • Flaxen and Dandelion Yellow represent the sun as the primary worship of the clan.
  • Ginger represents the element of fire.
  • Indigo represents the element of water.
  • Umber represents the element of earth.
  • White represents the celestial bodies that govern the tertiary worship of the clan.

Maeramil Wind Runner Clan

Meadow Tartan - Horizontal setts of sage and pine green are flanked by steel grey pivots on a backdrop of cornflower blue. The vertical pattern is a reverse of the horizontal whereby the sage and pine green threads form the pivots and the steel grey forms the setts. This is a midweight lamb's wool cloth.

Symbolism in Color

  • Sage and Pine Green colors represent the clan's propensity for nature.
  • Steel Grey represents the winds of freedom by which the clan makes its code.
  • Cornflower Blue represents the rivers that the clan usually follows, as these are the pathways to greater freedoms.

Vaikalimara Clan

Mist Tartan - Formulated upon a misty grey backdrop, the tartan fabric has narrow pivots of lilac that flank alternating white and amber setts on the horizontal plane. Conversely, the vertical plane is comprised of viridian and ebon setts flanked by lilac pivots. This is a midweight lamb's wool cloth.

Symbolism in Color

  • Mist Grey represents the shroud of mystery that settles over the clan's inner workings.
  • Lilac represents the color of Mishka, the clan's founder.
  • White represents Liabo.
  • Ebon represents Lornon.
  • Amber represents Tilaok.
  • Viridian represents Mikiri.