The Uhl-claw

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Norallen's Tales: The Uhl-claw

A human knight, known as Norallen, traveled extensively while questing for a legendary weapon and collected tales; he has spent the last several years documenting tales and stories of the kindred in the north, staying in their forts, drinking in their gatherhalls, and learning from their skalds and scholars. Here is but one example of information collected by Norallen over the years.


Uhl-claw (ULL-claw): "uhl" or "uhl-claw" is a shortened or slang reference to Uhlgeer, a figure of significant spiritual influence among the T'Kirem Clan of the giantkin, specifically with regard to her potential for "harethgraad," a term meaning "protective ferocity."


Among the T'Kirem Clan of the giantkin, men and women who wish to deter unwanted admirers will wear either a ring, pin, or pendant fashioned in the likeness of a bear's claw. Crafted of silver, and purportedly resembling Uhlgheer's own paw, the surface of the piece just below the claws is polished to a high sheen and endowed with a small enchantment. The piece is adorned with a tiny crimson droplet aligned with each claw, and when tilted in the direction of an uninvited fancier the argent piece will precisely reflect the image of the fancier's own face suitably decorated with parallel gashes, each ending at a drop of blood. Almost without fail the message is received, and the problem is solved even before it can begin.

Uhl-claw jewelry is worn not only by members of the T'Kirem clan, but is commonly employed to similar effect by any and all giantkin, and is even worn by those of other races who desire the same efficacy.


The terms "uhl-ring" and "solitary ring" are virtually synonymous in regions even marginally familiar with giantkin culture. Additionally, "uhl-claw" is a term commonly used to refer to the same jewelry design when it is employed in a form other than a ring; uhl-claw pendants, pins, and brooches being the most common. Interestingly, the "solitary" adjective has only found use with regard to rings, and other applications of this design invariably rely upon the "uhl-claw" adjective. The largest instance of the uhl-claw design is as a belt buckle, with the hip action necessary to trigger the item's "message-sending" enchantment constituting an undeniably overt notice to the recipient.


Uhl-claw jewelry is primarily constructed of silver, purportedly as a necessary component of the item's enchantment. Presumably, such an item could be constructed of glass or any substance capable of being polished to the requisite reflective level, but non-silver uhl-claw jewelry is rarely seen.

General Restrictions

The terms "uhl-ring" and "solitary ring" usually refer to the "bear claw"-designed rings incorporating five claws; a central, highly polished surface; and five small, crimson "blood drops" aligned below the claws. Most uhl-rings are magical, possessing an enchantment capable of producing the target's image adorned with gashes and blood drops when the wearer triggers it; however, less expensive uhl-rings devoid of enchantment are not uncommon. A requisite adjective component for all such non-ring jewelry items is "uhl-claw."

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