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Category: Towns, Cities and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 4256
Date: 05/21/2013 11:24 AM CDT
Subject: Spooky Town

Last evening, a dark priest by the name of Therendil stopped by the Landing.

You see Dark Priest Therendil the Adherent of Marlu.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to be extremely young. He has narrow onyx-hued eyes and chalk white skin. He has a bald head. He has a narrow face, a pointed nose and sharply pointed ears. Growing from the sides of his scalp are two glistening black tendrils that curve down and hang over his shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a star-shaped talisman crafted from polished black ora tentacles, a sigil-covered pouch, a slender grey leather satchel, a pair of worn black sandals, and a grey-threaded black leather robe.

[Much, uh... note was made of the tentacle-bits.]

The Adherent claimed to have been sent by Deylan, a local councilman (as well as shifter and rumored resident spy) who was spotted recently near Old Ta'Faendryl. Therendil further claimed to have a way to stop the blight still plaguing the Landing, and was taken to one of the murky pools at South Ring Road to investigate:

Suddenly, the tentacles along the side of Therendil's head come alive, writhing about as if serpents born from shadows. One tentacle shoots forward, extending long enough to dip into the black pool before recoiling, settling once more on Therendil's shoulder. Therendil shakes his head. Therendil gazes in wonder at his surroundings. One of Therendil's tentacles moves again, the end of it opening up into a toothed maw before spitting a tiny black stone into his palm. Therendil places the black rock into his pouch. Therendil raspily says, "Forged by chaos, born by blood." Therendil raspily says, "I can heal your land, but it will require the same." Therendil raspily says, "Blood for blood."

Therendil raspily says, "Tell your mayor I have come. If he accepts my aid, then he need only let you know."

Afterword, those gathered met with Mayor Walkar in his chambers. He seemed to have no knowledge of this Priest, but -- although skeptical -- stated that he would send for Deylan immediately before making a decision.

And just before he retired for the evening: Incarnadine muscles and flesh begin to slowly appear along Walkar's right forearm, he grimaces, then the skin falls away again, leaving only bone behind. Walkar says, "That never feels good."

You see Mayor Walkar Wellington.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be mature. He has weary, dark-ringed clover green eyes and pale skin. He has a short, shaven head of strawberry blonde hair. He has a muscular face, a small nose and a trimmed strawberry blonde beard and numerous scratches and claw marks along his neck. His right arm and hand are skeletal, and periodically specks of red light flicker along his crimson breastplate.
Category: Towns, Cities and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 4265
Date: 05/24/2013 08:30 AM CDT
Subject: Mayor Calls on Ranger Volunteers

In a bold, if not risky move to try to remove the murky black pools in and around town, Mayor Walkar has asked for ten volunteers, all needing to be rangers with companions.

Therendil, a dark priest of Marlu, owes a debt to Councilman Deylan, and in exchange has offered to perform a ritual to try to destroy the disease-filled pools. Blood will need to be freely given from all of the ranger volunteers and their animal companions.

Mayor Walkar added, "We have run thin on options to combat these black pools. While they have not spread, I fear what could happen in the future. I am asking for volunteers, but will force no one to participate. It is an important bond between a ranger and their companion, and while I understand the difficulty of hard decisions, I do not envy the one before you now. I expect the priest to arrive outside of Moot Hall, late this evening. I invite any volunteers and observers to attend. Do not make your decision lightly. Intentions are never a shield against consequences."

Category: Towns, Cities and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 4271
Date: 05/25/2013 10:41 AM CDT
Subject: Re: Therendil and the Pools

It was an excellent RP event and I loved it, although I can say without a doubt my character didn't! It did take a loonnngg time so log editing will be pretty arduous. If anyone wants to wade through an uncut version earlier, send a note to my and I can send it.

The reader's digest version is....

Dark Priest Therendil, a servant of Marlu, was asked by Councilman Deylan to use his familiarity with dark magic to undo the magic of the blighted murky pools left as a parting gift from the power that corrupted Barnom Slim, commonly known as Althedeus. Mayor Walkar, who claims to know Deylan from before Walkar ever came to Landing, seems to trust him implicitly and allowed the Priest to work his magic. He explained that he would need the blood of ten companion-bonded rangers, as well as the blood of their companions, as their connection to nature is what would make the magic work; he also indicated he would need the "wicked" of the town. He remained curiously silent on further details, though he was asked many times. After quite a lot of back-and-forth, ten rangers stepped up.

Therendil led the group of rangers, and Walkar led the huge group of observers. At the first pool, Therendil cut the first companion across the back, and its ranger across the chest. He used his tentacles to gather what blood he needed, and healed their wounds immediately. Then he turned to the pool, pushed his arm into it, and lifted it from the ground along his arm. He turned to Walkar and said to bring the wicked. Walkar nodded... and several guards arrived, holding a manacled prisoner. The assembled group erupted into a flurry of questions, objections, and goading. Therendil was unmoved, and though Walkar appeared to be nervous and on edge, he was resolute. Therendil touched his shadow-encircled arm to the prisoner, and the shadowy pool immediately poured over him and consumed him, amid his screams of pain.

This same scene played out nine more times, with the cutting sessions growing more violent and painful, and the cries of the prisoners alternating between begging for mercy and spitting on the assembled observers. Walkar claimed each was a condemned prisoner awaiting execution, and that many were captured Rooks. He refused to stop the ritual partway through, though he was asked many times, claiming that he would make the sacrifices of the earlier rangers and prisoners meaningless if he did. He grew angry and defensive at times, and tried to avert his eyes from the ritual at others. Throughout, Therendil was unmoved, despite interruptions, although his enjoyment of the cutting sessions was obvious.


I'm sure I didn't capture every nuance of the hundreds of interactions that happened so please chime in if there's anything I may have left out!