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Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Hometown Talador
Relationship(s) Cosima (daughter)
Alias/Title Councilman

Thermon Chisolm was a wealthy landowner from Talador.


You see Noble Councilman Thermon Chisholm.
He appears to be a Human from Talador.
He is taller than average and appears to be advanced in years.  He has wide green eyes and dusky skin.  He has short, jet black hair with tufts of grey scattered throughout.  He has an upturned nose and a curled mustache.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a mug of chilled silver ale in his right hand and a long-stemmed dark ebonwood pipe in his left hand.
He is wearing a glass monocle attached to a thick gold chain, a split-tailed black overcoat with a double row of gold buttons, a high-collared brocade doublet with capped sleeves, a hammered signet ring stamped with the crest of Talador, a studded leather belt, an engraved gold and silver scabbard, some dark leather pants, and some polished leather boots with a trio of gold chains around the ankle.


Thermon was believed to be the wealthiest landowner among the Taladorian nobles. He acted as de-facto leader of the city prior to the coronation of Kuligar. After Mayor Walkar Wellington was blamed for the death of Kuligar, Thermon led Talador's efforts against Wehnimer's Landing. In reality, Kuliga had fallen from his horse and broken his neck and the shapeshifter Deylan.

He later hung himself upon Sir Davard's defeat against Wehnimer's Landing in the Talador War. Before Sir Davard was killed, he was questioned at length by the second watcher, Lheren Hochstib. Thermon may have been coerced or murdered to make it appear as though he committed suicide based on his assumed connection to Prelate Chaston Griffin.