Thorned rose

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A thorned rose is a beautiful flower that can be worn in one's hair, but watch out as it still has a nasty bite due to its extremely sharp thorns. Note: Messaging indicated injury, however no actual injury is incurred.


You analyze your plum rose and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change."

Verb Traps

WEAR You tuck the stem of your rose behind your ear, making certain that it is snug and secure. XXX tucks the stem of her rose behind her ear, adjusting it to ensure its security.
REMOVE You remove a flawless plum rose with a long stem that was nestled in your hair. XXX removes a flawless plum rose with a long stem that was nestled in her hair.
You brush your fingertips along the rose's petals, marveling in silence at their softness. XXX brushes her fingertips along the petals of the rose behind her ear, and her eyes grow distant as if in contemplation.
You caress your fingertips over the face of the rose, contemplating in silence the velvety soft sensation of the petals beneath your touch. XXX caresses her fingertips over the face of her rose while gazing thoughtfully into the heart of its petals.
You pull the rose from behind your ear to adjust its positioning. As you move to push it back into place, you carelessly scrape your brow on one of the stem's many thorns. A thin trickle of blood tickles its way across your skin. XXX moves to reposition her rose, pulling it from behind her ear. As she moves to push the rose back into place, she carelessly scrapes her brow on one of the stem's many thorns.
Tracing a fingertip along the stem of your rose, you manage to prick your finger on a thorn. As you watch, a plump bead of crimson wells against the skin. XXX traces a fingertip thoughtfully along the stem of her rose and manages to prick her finger on a thorn.
As if in thought, you tap the edges of the rose's petals against your lips and gaze silently into the distance. As if in thought, XXX taps the edges of the rose's petals against her lips and gazes silently into the distance.
You cautiously turn the rose about in your fingers, casting an appraising eye to its stem. Upon finding a thorn, your search ends and you purposefully snag a fingertip on its point. A rounded swell of blood rises from the wound. XXX cautiously turns the rose about in her fingers as if inspecting the stem. Abruptly, she pauses and swipes a finger along the stem, only to draw back her hand to reveal a bead of blood along one fingertip.