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Storyline Council of Ten
Gender Male
Race Halfling
Status Dead
Hometown Icemule Trace
Affiliation(s) Council of Ten
Thurfel Morpholik was an extraordinarily powerful halfling wizard who was part of the Council of Ten, all mages on said Council being amongst the founders of newer Icemule Trace (not the original town destroyed by glacier).

In brief, the Ten are all mages who worshiped seemingly Luukos and were involved in a cult of Amasalen. Initially they were actually a "healthy" political force in town, but that changed when power was whiffed under their noses by a serpent messenger.

From March 1999 through December 2002, Thurfel and the other members of the Council (all liches at this point) were the focal point of a major quest.

To read the full story of that quest and the background of the Council of Ten, use this link from the official Gemstone webpage -- Fire in Ice: The Tale of Thurfel.


You see The Firemage Thurfel Morpholik the Wizard.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He appears to be wizened with age. He has blue eyes and pale skin. He has short, amber hair.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a pearlescent abalone sceptre in his right hand and a twisted serpentine staff in his left hand. He is wearing an amber serpent earcuff, a crystal amulet, a small coral shield, a shimmering glaesine orb, some very scorched robes, a singed crabshell pouch, a supple grey leather pouch, and a dark leather satchel clasped with a crimson crab.

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