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Thyestes Jezem, Faendryl wizard of pure white skin.

Thyestes' family was royalty of Ta'Faendryl, he was the second son born to them... and a blight on the family at that. During the birth ceremony it was quite clear to all that this child was not quite right the moment they saw the color of his skin... and as we all know and love our Faendryl friends, this caused some serious unrest.

The Family was immediately stripped of all noble status, insignia and relics, and banished from Ta'Faendryl. Being a highly respected family of nobility before the incident, the mother and father, whose names are still unknown to this day, were able to finagle a compromise... with only one small assassination and a few well placed threats (though that's another story). Unfortunately, for Thyestes and his older brother, the deal still included their banishment.

Well, to the mother, this disgrace was still more than she could bare and she bid her children (one aged just over ten years at this point, and the second still just an infant) good riddance. The father, however, had an unusual soft spot in his heart and sent his children off with his blessing, and three family heirlooms he had saved from confiscation.

The first, a masterfully crafted dwarven war shield, studded with fierce protective spikes... the father had spent many years of his life studying the magics of protection, and etching those Faendryl runes into the surface of his shield, though in adding the runes it seems he may have weakened the non-magical protection that the shield provides.

The second was a mages cloak of honor, which was presented to him for the great research he had provided the Faendryl in these magics of protection. It was his great pride that he would wear it to any function of importance to the nobility. It still held the family insignia and the House Faendryl's crest, though no one in the family could rightly wear it in Ta'Faendryl again without severe punishment.

The last was a simple locket, containing a picture of the father dressed in all his noble garb on one leaf, and the family crest on the other... stolen from the children's mother.

Well, the children were sent out to the wilderness, and quickly took up with a travelling merchant who taught the older brother ways of simple trading and physical protection... they were then dropped in Solhaven. There they took the unassuming name of Jezem and decided to live out the next 20 years of their life in relative peace, they're heirlooms carefully hidden away as to avoid all due suspecion. The older brother taught Thyestes what little he had learned from their parents and other mages and sorcerors in Ta'Faendryl... he also passed on what knowledge he had learned from the merchant who was their ride to Solhaven.

The time came when the port city was less than thrilling for the two brothers, and their heads got too big for such a simple life... the stowed their heirlooms, traded a weeks wages for some simple weaponary, and headed to the frontire town of Whenimer's Landing!

Well, this portion of the story doesn't go well for the family once agin. The older brother, being awfully gung-ho for adventure and fame was quickly found in a heated battle with another adventurer over a trivial matter under the cities streets. The argument degraded to combat quickly, and the town Government picked that instance to be an example to all... quaintly removing the older brother's head, along with that of his rival, from their necks in Town Center.

Thyestes at this point had only the most rudimentary skills and was barely able to survive on his own. He was constantly jumpy anytime an official of the law entered his presence, not to mention a friend of his brothers enemy. Much to his delight, he heard word of another town far from Whenimer's Landing... the newly rediscovered town of Icemule Trace. Quickly, and quietly, he packed up his belongings and relocated in the home of the halflings.

He was able to greatly increase his knowledge of wizardry in the town through many great mentors and an excellent training regiment, though he never did pick up an affinity for those tarts... and has since learned his brothers infamous name has mostly faded, and he can also walk the streets of Whenimer's, even to the point of being able to join House Brigatta. In addition, he finds his youthful days on the streets of Solhaven have come in quite a bit of handy while drinking and chatting with the sailors down there.

Through time a few of his Faenrdyl instincts have begun to show, and the magic flows strong through his viens. Yet to this day he has still not learned the name of his parents, or the true surname that belongs to the crest in his locket. He awaits the day he can walk the streets of Ta'Faendryl with fear and anticipation, in disguise of course.

  • This is his history, but don't for a moment think he would admit it to anyone. He's a proud elf, and would never admit to such a tarnished past.