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Tiashi Maldovi

   I was born in Wehnimer's Landing, the only daughter of a young warrior and his mage wife. I was trained in the Wizard profession by my mother, and my father taught me wisdom, honesty, and respect for all.  Although I loved all that my mother taught me, I relished the time with my father.  He had just started to teach me how to use a sword, when my little brother Sunarts was born. 
   We knew right away that he was different from other kids his age; always playing jokes, running around the yard giggling for no reason, but the stranger he acted, the more we loved him.  He could find humor in anything, and he always helped me to lighten up in tense situations.  Everyone always said he was too odd to "fit in" anywhere properly, and every time I overheard someone saying something about my little brother, I used to get so mad...until I'd see Sunarts and his innocent smile would brighten my day and make me forget my anger.  My parents and I firmly believed that Sunarts was touched by the Gods to be something special. 
   Therefore, feeling that they needed a change and Sunarts needed somewhere he could be himself, my family picked up and moved to Icemule Trace.  I remained behind in the Landing, though.  I had a lot of friends that I wasn't ready to leave just yet, and one young warrior was taking me out hunting and teaching me to use my blade.  I didn't want to miss out on anything he could teach me. 
   I am still continuing my magic studies, and I have become good enough with my blade that I rarely use my magic to attack.  Instead, I use the spells I have learned to help others protect themselves better on their quests, and I find this the most fulfilling part of my profession.