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Race Dark elf
Culture Faendryl
Class Empath
Profession Scholar
Religion None
Affiliation(s) Faendryl Enclave, Order of the Shadow
Demeanor Reserved
Greatest Strength Helping, protecting others
Greatest Weakness Fighting foes
Hobbies Reading, tea tasting
Fears Grishom Stone, anything that seems impossible to explain


You see Tolida the Healer.

She appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.

She is tall. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has black-streaked emerald eyes and fair skin. She has chin length, straight auburn hair streaked with silver. She has a delicate face. She has an emerald-set electrum hoop in her left eyebrow, and a scar consisting of archaic runes over her forehead.

She is wearing a strand of cord-strung crow beaks, a crystal amulet, a black silk cloak held at the throat by a scarlet despanal toggle, a silvery skull pin, a red cotton backpack, a deep wine red damask corset with a sharply darted waist, some black casting leathers buckled with pentacle-etched clasps, an ivory silk bangle set with several tiny lightless golden glimaerstones, a thin gold ring, a red cotton belt pouch, some slim-cut black linen pants, and a pair of jet leather boots with tiny platinum buckles.


Tolida is a Faendryl Empath. Born in New Ta'Faendryl, she was appointed in adulthood to assist documenting and researching the history of Wehnimer's Landing as well as serve to heal citizens and travelers of the town.