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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Faction Attraction - Regulators of the Northern Frontier


The world of Elanthia can be a cold place, and nothing exhibits this frigid fury than the state of the slow build of Northwatch, located in Icemule Trace. Comprised of giants, halflings, humans, and krolvin to name a few, a union of law and order from various nations continuously works to bring about structure to ensure the safety and security of Icemule. However, without the military structure found in the fortress of Ta'Vaalor or other more established nations, crime and hooliganism can rear its head on unsuspecting citizens. Where the Echoes of War, which I covered months ago, takes watch on the Frostmain Seas, a group of locals take vigilant watch to ensure the safety of their growing nation. These are the Regulators of the Northern Frontier.

Hosts and Members

Recruiter Lilanna Silverveil the Northwarden of Icemule Trace

She appears to be a Sylvankind
She is taller than average. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has voluminously lashed blue-green eyes and sun-kissed, unblemished skin. She has very long, flowing amber hair with shell-beaded braids scattered throughout. She has a heart-shaped face and well-defined, high cheekbones.
She has a crimson vaalin owl stud in her left nostril, a veniom-swept vaalin spike in her right eyebrow, and a pair of vivid orange lionfish spines set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
A budding sentient potato wearing a sleek midnight black cat costume is settled on her shoulder.
She is holding a piece of fudge truffle chocolate in her right hand.
She is wearing an oversized black krinklevelt cavalier hat boasting extravagant ostrich plumes, a silk-lined black leather longcloak, a copper-rubbed dun leather underbust corset, an arctic blue armband with crossed ivory tusks, a shadowglass ring, a delicately woven engagement ring, a wide silver ring with a trio of blue seaglass chips, a tentacle-shaped brass signet ring, a carved thin blue gem band, a vaalin lighthouse ring, a pouch-lined suede belt riddled with brass eyelets, a roundish grey driftwood basket adorned with starfish and seashells, a high-slit skirt of jade lotus silk affixed with a buckle, a warped driftwood thigh scabbard, and some burgundy velvet thigh-boots laced with pale chainsil ribbon.

Jastalyn Dragorth the Town Councillor of Icemule Trace

She appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Faendryl.
She is diminutive and has a voluptuous body. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has thick-lashed cobalt-violet eyes and petal-soft, tanned skin. She has very long, gently curled champagne blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail wrapped with multiple braids and held in place by several tangled rose vines crafted into a thorn-caught haircomb. She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a pert, daintily upturned nose and luscious, pale pink lips. A rose-intaglio ethereal pink diamond is positioned between her eyes, which casts a sparkling rose pink sheen across her face.
She has an unfurling white and blush rose tattoo on her neck, a blush-winged spirited pixie tattoo clutching a lucent winter rose on her arm, a delicate wild rose tattoo on her wrist, an interlocking gold rings tattoo on her wrist, and a yarn-tangled calico kitten tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a platinum locket displaying a soft pink winter rose, a suede-sleeved rose paeline jacket, a pale blush pink chainsil bodice laced with rose-painted ribbons, a delicate hummingbird saewehna wristlet, a delicate bracelet suspending an intricate pixie charm with semi-translucent crystal wings, a delicate platinum wedding ring graced with onyx rose inlay, a sparkling balenite ring crowned with a wintry everfrost shard worn around the left ring finger, some hip-slung twilight pink leather pants with rose gold buttons, and a pair of blush leather ankle-boots raised on rosewood heels.

Queatus the Outlaw of the North

He appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
He is taller than average and has a muscular, able-bodied physique. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has sparkling pale blue eyes and tanned skin. He has short, tousled black hair with grey at the temples. He has an unshaven face, a broken nose and a thick scar that sweeps across his neck from one ear to the other. A full, thick beard of coarse black hair barely obscures his strong jawline.
Superimposed over Queatus's form is the ghostly silhouette of a human bandit, a calculating expression on his face. As you watch, he meets your gaze and his lips draw back in a predatory grin.
He gives off a persuasive demeanor.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a night black chainsil shroud, a white gold halfmoon-shaped locket, a weathered raven-hued longcoat accented with twin rows of ko'nag buttons, a circle formed by opposing black and white claws, a battered black canvas loot sack with a blood crystal clasp, a faded black leather weapon harness bound in vaalin, a worn ghezyte-buckled bandolier of crossed black seathrak hide straps, an unadorned shadarl aketon, a trio of veil iron bangles thinly inlaid with black thorns, a ghezyte chelioboros ring, a simple vaalin band cradling a black diamond ring, a rune-carved shadowy black belt, a sun-faded black sharkskin satchel, an unpolished black ko'nag case closed with heavy veil iron plates, some worn and faded trousers of vaalin-threaded ebon spidersilk, and some lusterless black stalking boots.

Elronae Naikan the Witch

She appears to be a Sylvankind of the Lassaran D'ahranal.
She is statuesque. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has vivid sea green eyes and fair skin. She has hip length, shimmering silver hair loosely styled with some glittering dark emerald hairjewels scattered throughout. : She has a sprinkling of diminutive freckles across her cheeks. She has a tiny nacreous humanoid skeleton with bat wings and a scorpion tail sitting on her shoulder.
She has a smirking black demon tattoo trailing wisps of crimson smoke on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
A knobby sentient potato is settled on her shoulder.
There is a small white sprite flying above her shoulder.
She is holding a glowing runestaff in her right hand.
She is wearing a long midnight blue chainsil cloak, a veniom-framed dark jade brooch, a brushed coffee suede bodice with tightened ebon rawhide laces, a lightweight hunter tartan arisaid, a collarless hunter green chemise, a twisted black thorn hand-flower, a delicate agara-fae lirveil, a supple brown leather belt, a midnight chainsil pouch, a short dark leather skirt, and some knee-high brown leather boots.

Eofora Bitanweolf of the Snowflake Vale

He appears to be a Human
He appears to be old. He has hunter green eyes and dark skin. He has long, unkempt black hair.
You can hardly recognize him covered in all that soot and ash!
He has a twining ivy tattoo on his ankle, and a compact yew pipe clenched between his teeth.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an onyx and cerulean-tinted taerethil, a set of multi-tined antlers, a dark red tartan wool scarf, a fine deerskin charm neckpouch printed with copper glyphs, a fleece-lined vibrant green cloak trimmed with blooming oak leaves, a sprig of Imaera's Lace, a scarlet owl-shaped pin, some fringed doeskin gloves, a drake-winged insignia, a low-slung herb satchel slung over his shoulder, some weathered black chainmail adorned with golden oak leaves laced into its steel rings, an arctic blue armband with crossed ivory tusks, an oiled brown leather feed bag, a battered leather map case, a dark leather pouch reinforced with sinew, a caribou-hide sheath, some dark tanned leather trousers, some cardinal heavy tartan wool moccasins lined with soft rolton fleece, and a finely carved driftwood buckler slung over his other shoulder.

Twisting vines writhe around Ibar Moirwinvail the Pirate, obscuring him in an ever-shifting barrier of thorns.

He appears to be a Half-Sylvan
He is tall in stature and has a broad-shouldered, thick frame. He appears to be youthful. He has silver-flecked thunderhead grey eyes and sun-bronzed, coppery skin. He has nape-length, layered ebonwood-hued hair slicked down beneath a soft leather tricorn hat adorned with a crimson raven feather, pulled down low on the brow. He has a chiseled, angular face, a thin-bridged nose and a jagged scar below his neckline. His features have a distinctly hardened appearance to them.
He has a tattooed band of black knotwork on his finger, a trio of sea urchin spines in his right eyebrow, and a trio of vaalin rings in the upper ridge of his left ear.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of antique platinum-framed spectacles with dark-tinted lenses, a tattered black sailcloth longcoat, a white linen shirt, an elegant ebon silk sash, a pair of loose-fitting ebony oilcloth trousers, and a pair of black shark skin boots strapped with tattered netting.

Lord Darphin Ta'Mori Faendryl the Sorcerer Guild Master

He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is average height. He appears to be youthful. He has hooded silver-marbled ash grey eyes and smooth swarthy skin. He has very long, crimson-highlighted ebon hair worn in tightly braided rows against his scalp. He has an angular face, a small nose and a broad chest.
He has a crimson-swept black steel ring in his lip, an intricate Faendryl crest tattoo on his neck, a black steel crimson-veined spike in his left eyebrow, and a textured firestone ring in his left nostril.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a plump red pomegranate in his right hand.
He is wearing a small bone periapt, a carved copper-geared orbweaver fetish, a garnet red sirenglass trinket, a dimly glowing triangular bone talisman, a gold-chained oval clockwerke locket, a fitted black leather bodysuit scarred with sigils, some sanguine metal-plated bands, a midnight blue scrollcase, a furry black goat pin, a simple steel medallion etched with a geometric design, a sigil-etched golden relic, a metal-plated sanguine bracer, a midnight black oculoth pin adorned with polished bloodstone eyes, a White Haven bear head pin, a shimmering trinket, a dark elven leather case accented by an elegant demon design, a tall-collared black leather jacket, a long-sleeved navy shalloon shirt, a slim dark silver Faendryl wristband, a black eahnor ring, a black diamond-inset dark elven platinum wedding band, some brushed trousers crafted from iron grey wool, some formal whiskey-hued leather shoes polished to a glossy sheen, and a quintuple orb brooch.

Lord Randsford the Paladin of Oleani of Icemule Trace

He appears to be a Giantman of the Maeramil Clan.
He appears to have come of age. He has bright crystal green eyes and fair skin. He has short, thick dark brown hair with lighter streaks. He has a clean-shaven face and broad shoulders.
He has a circular blue tribal tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a white eonake knight's aegis bound by shimmering silver and imbedded with emeralds that form the symbol of the goddess Oleani, an eonake banded knight's helm, a luminous gold Oleani pendant, an elegant white knight's cape, a blush-kissed Elanthian snow rose, a silver shield insignia, some spiked eonake gauntlets, a white eonake-studded pack, some pure white rolaren platemail imbedded with a symbol of Oleani, an arctic blue armband with crossed ivory tusks, a silver threaded silk satchel, a gleaming white warg pelt sheath inlaid with rune-swept auroral emeralds, a woven grapevine ankle-cuff, and some slim white boots.


Lilanna thought it best for me to conduct this interview during their meeting, as it would draw the most members and promote conversation. My journey took me to the Stout Street Armory, which seemed a room more apropos for RYSK, but I imagine the local Icemulians enjoy staying warm with some libation. I hear Lithyia has cornered the market there. Hopefully, she won't catch a right cross from the proprietor of the Honeyberry Inn.

Stout Street Armory, Courtyard White dryad hedges grow along the high iron fence enclosing the courtyard, which is paved with cobblestones. Flying a silk pennant emblazoned with a charging mule, a low-roofed stone guard post stands toward the rear of the courtyard. A lone training dummy of sackcloth, propped up by a spruce stake, stands near to the entrance. It looks like it has endured more than a few beatings. You also see the Elronae disk, a pure white samoyed, a pallid skin-bound grimoire flying around with its pale leathery wings, the glossy pink Lilanna disk shaped like a jellyfish, the Ibar disk and a heavy wrought iron gate.

Inclining his head, Myharl lifts his right hand in greeting to you, the motion drawing attention to the tower signet ring on his right middle finger. He grins.
Lilanna turns to Yardie and cheers!
Ibar rubs Lilanna tenderly.

Lilanna gives you a friendly hug, and you detect the faint scent of sandalwood, marshmallow, and vanilla around her.

Jastalyn grins.

Madame Jastalyn is a kindred spirit in matters of the Faendryl, and her personality reflected that. She could be sweet, defined, noble, and then blazing like balefire the next. That made for a rather deadly combination, akin to the shifting melodies of song, dulcet and tranquil one moment, and then a maddening crescendo.

In similar retrospect, Lilanna also shared the talents of song, though her love for the sea brought about a peculiarity in seeing her lead the Regulators. Not that she was incapable; in fact, she made for a natural-born leader. I imagined her patrolling the seas, firing cannons on wayward Karlvin ships that threatened Northwatch. It was later brought to my attention that she was a bit under the weather, but from what I had seen, she always toughed out the most challenging encounters.

And then there was Myharl, the Dark Tower. I spent quite some time getting to know him through a close mutual friend, Lunaryna. It always surprised me how someone so massive, forged in nothing but muscle, could be so friendly and cordial. If one did not know better, he could break someone's hand with a mere handshake. All three made for a solid foundation to regulate the frontier.

Myharl gives Yardie a friendly hug.

His hugs haven't broken my back...yet.

Ibar grins at you.
Queatus fiddles with the top of the black ko'nag case, causing the metal plates to open. He gazes at his reflection in the smooth seaglass mirror.
Darphin put a copper-lipped goblet of viscous blood wine in his black leather jacket.
Lilanna: Evnin.
Ibar bows to Yardie.
Eofora waves to Yardie.

In seeing Elronae, I had to hug her. She and I have spent some time in the Folly, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her in the frozen tundra of Icemule Trace

Yardie: Evening to you all.

Ibar: Evenin.
Myharl: Evening.
Darphin: Good eve.

I did not expect Darphin here. Not that I question his concern for Icemule. He has expressed his intents for its safety. However, with certain concerns regarding the Coven, it became harder to discern.

Queatus waves to Yardie. Suddenly the plates at the top of Queatus's black ko'nag case snap shut with a loud *CLICK*!
Lilanna turns to face Yardie.

Yardie: I know you have your meeting today. I don't want to interrupt...or...uhh....ummm?

Lilanna: Let's get right into it.

No nonsense. A staple to Lilanna. But I needed to make sure.

Yardie (pointing at himself): Me?

Lilanna nods.

Yardie: Oh.

Lilanna: 'aye, yer the questioner."
Darphin agrees with Lilanna. Full of questions that one is.
Lilanna grins at Yardie.

I ran my hands nervously over your shirt and noticed them unusually sweaty. The shirt I wore provided a bit of discomfort and uneasiness. In my line of work, questions were as effective as any weapon. The fact that my reputation for inquiry preceded myself forced a bead of sweat down my neck. As if sensing my dread, Queatus echoed his thoughts.

Queatus: I don't know what you might have heard, but we are not a criminal organization. He winks at Lilanna.

I blinked at Queatus. I did not believe him for one second. Queatus was, in short, a professional. Those aware of the business kept a low-profile. When that didn't work, deny, deny, deny. Queatus employed this tactic often, though strangely, not during the final days of Caligos. So if his tactic meant to divert attention to nefarious actions, he was sadly mistaken.

Elronae agrees with Queatus.
Queatus nods.
Lilanna glances upward and whistles quietly, an innocent look on her face.

Yardie: So, let me start it off and explain the sort as much as I can.

Lilanna nods to you.

Yardie: I do these monthly gatherings for the TownCrier. The idea is to promote the MHOs and CHEs of the world. This month, I have you all, the Regulators of the Northern Frontier, as the selection. My hope is that this gives an inside look at what makes the Regulators tick, its history, origins, and the ideas such as members, events, and the sort.

Elronae: This is my first meeting, so I'll be learning as much as you are.

A rare opportunity. A new fresh set of eyes to give their thoughts and feelings as to why they joined the Regulators. This would be most engaging.

Yardie (to Elronae): "That's...that's actually going to be good! Insights.

Mounting Up

Yardie: So let's start with the first question. In your own words, how would you all describe what the Regulators is all about?

Myharl exhales deeply, his breath condensing into wintry mist as the gelid aura surrounding the shard of rime-shrouded everfrost suspended by his black alloy neckchain freezes a miniature blizzard that evaporates while drifting slowly downward.
Elronae suddenly pauses, a look of consternation crossing her features as she listens intently. She turns an inquisitive ear toward Lilanna.
With a final chime, the soft, melodic crackle from within Lilanna's leopard pelt tote falls silent.

Her pelt tote was not the only thing that went silent. The group sat pensively, marinating on the question, deafening the silence. For me, and for Icemule, the word freedom had been tossed regularly. It made one marinate on the meaning behind the word.

Yardie: And anyone is free to answer. I'm not sure who the members are, but I love different viewpoints.

Jastalyn: She's thinking. She giggles.
Lilanna: Protection, we are a volunteer organization, our goal is to protect Icemule and Northwatch in times of need. Which are hopefully seldom.
Queatus: Free protection!
Darphin (to Queatus): Yes, no charge for the protection. (To Yardie) I think our commander speaks well for us in this regard. we all have our reasons to be here, but the goal is the same.
Jastalyn: We patrol the town in times of unrest, to watch for areas that might need our assistance as well.

Every town had its means of protection. In the Landing, you had the frontier, the locals, the Rooks, and the militia. In Ta'Vaalor, you had the Crimson Legion and the reserves. Even out back home in the Folly, we had the natives and, before that, the bandits, who tried to shield the people of Kraken's Fall away from the Atoll. To see the cold rely on volunteer services made me question if there was local law enforcement.

Yardie: To add to that point, does Northwatch and Icemule have a military? If so, do you think the voluntary aspect of the Regulators gives advantages?

Eofora: Our job isn't just seldom, everyday the trails are riddled with bandits and such. Its not safe out der.

Yardie: So, more worries than the cold, yeah?

Darphin: There is a small force of soldiers in Icemule, the guards and such, but I wouldn't venture as far to say there is a standing army in either situation. Each nation in Northwatch naturally has their defenses, though.

The cold and the terrain. Some bandits have taken note of this and used it for their purposes.

Lilanna: As to a government agency, I cannot answer that. but to the first part, we are not alone; there are several other Halls focused on serving the north.
Jastalyn: The Mayor has guards and such under his employ, but not a military that I know of. Being a volunteer organization gives us an advantage because no matter your beliefs or history if one is concerned about the safety of Icemule Trace, they are welcome to join and help out.

Mayor Talliver intrigued me. A halfling warrior who knew the ways of battle, but tried so desperately to steady his hand and work through peaceful negotiations. Sometimes, I took this manner for weakness, but others warned that this was not so. However, a warrior not establishing a formal military struck me as odd. Why rely on volunteers if you could train and create a militia? Perhaps this would be the case with the new cultures of Northwatch.

Elronae: I'm not even a citizen here and they allow me to help.
Lilanna: To the second, of course, volunteers are advantageous. whatever their reason, they want to be here and will stand to the last for their cause.
Darphin: But Lilanna has pointed out from the beginning we are not trying to fill the role of an army; we are defenders. Protectors. not an attacking force.
Myharl: Northwatch doesn't have a central military, but as a nation made of sovereign nations, most of those city-states maintain their defense force. Then there are the Free citizens of the North, who know how to defend themselves. The structured command that the Regulators provide affords a more effective defense for Icemule Trace.

That made for a unique take. That placed an incredible amount of trust on each city-state to work reliably. THerefore, the Regulators shouldered the burden of Icemule with volunteers. Bold strategy, fiercely reflecting the town's demeanor.

Jastalyn (to Elronae): Very good to add, citizenship aside as well.
Randsford: My appologies. He gazes up into the heavens.
Darphin(to Randsford): Apologies? You arrived earlier than expected.
Randsford: At least I arrived?
Queatus: In this world, the lands where a man is born free and not beholden to others by virtue of their birth are getting smaller all the time. We volunteer because we want to be the first to stand up and defend free folk in a free land. That's always important because it sets an example.

Leading by did seem to rally the masses. Again, the word freedom found its way into the fold. With recent events across the world, it was striking to note how many found the harsh climates of Icemule to be an oasis for liberties.

Jastalyn smiles at Queatus, then at Yardie.

Frontier Origins

Yardie: That's a perfect shift to my next question. How did the Regulators come to be? How were you all formed?

Jastalyn (smiling at Yardie): In the year 5118, a man came to a Council meeting with a dream and the dream was born.

Yardie: And who was this man?

Jastalyn: The Regulators have been through transitions over the years but have remained intact. It was Grutak, and I was on that council.

Yardie: So, six years of service, are coming together with the same goal: to keep Icemule and Northwatch safe, yeah?

Jastalyn: I offered him my assistance and experience with groups in general to support his dream, and through the years, I have remained to do so.

Lilanna: Eight years. No. Strike that. Yardie: She said 51....a.....

I began counting with my fingers. Unless I had a handful of silver, math was often not my strongest for cooking recipes and drink mixology.

Jastalyn: Math is hard when you don't feel great. Moving forward.

And it was true. I could see the paleness in her complexion not accustomed to her time outside or on the seas. She felt ill, and I felt she deserved commendation for her efforts.

Yardie: Not a worry, in fact, I admire that you're doing this, Lilanna.

Lilanna: We. It takes the whole to make it work.
Jastalyn: I was pleasantly surprised when she stepped up to the challenge and have remained so each day.

Yardie: When did you take the reins? Eofora (to Jastalyn): No surprise at all.

Lilanna: This passed Eoantos.

Yardie: Oh wow! Congratulations!

Lilanna: Thankee.
Jastalyn: She did hold officership before then so she had a history the Regulators and our association with the town.

Yardie: So the Regulators must be a special place in your heart.

Lilanna nods to Yardie.
Jastalyn: She's the glue that keeps us together.

I grinned at that comment. Certain leaders had that effect on people, and it wasn't surprising to see a bard inspire the masses.

Lilanna: Aye, I have been away at sea for many years, but Icemule will always be home. I'll always stand for her.

Regulators vs. Echoes

Yardie: Let's speak of that home a bit. You mentioned other groups coming together. I interviewed the Echoes of War. They claimed to operate from a nautical standpoint. Would you consider the Regulators to be a ground force or another means of combat operations?

Lilanna: We are mainly a land-based yes, but I do hope to expand someday, as we have several seasoned sailors among us.
Jastalyn: Especially now that his boat is bigger..."
Jastalyn whistles a complicated ditty, impressing you with her virtuosity. Jastalyn shifts her weight.
Lilanna blinks at Jastalyn.
Jastalyn appears to be trying hard not to grin. "Old joke."

You snicker.

Jastalyn grins.
Lilanna rolls her eyes.
Jastalyn flirts with Lilanna, tossing her an inviting smile.
Lilanna glances up and turns to face Yardie.

Prominent Members

Yardie: You have a great assortment of individuals here. Obviously, you're in charge, Lilanna. Care to talk about some of your more prominent members, whether they are present or not?

Jastalyn: We do have a lot of fun when we're not in serious mode.

Yardie (chuckling): I got that impression.

Jastalyn grins.
Lilanna: We have two other officers, Major Randsford here... She nods at Randsford.
Randsford squints.
Darphin: Major something.
Randsford: Don't forget it either.
Lilanna (thoughtfully): We may not always see eye to eye, but I highly value his wisdom and opinion. She leans back, trying to ignore the shuffling of a long-legged black rat as it creeps from one of her shoulders to the other, whacking her a few times in the chin with its long hairless tail.
Darphin: Not many are going to see eye to eye with him often without a crate to stand on.
Lilanna: The other is Major Vailwyn, who Jast speaks for my proxy. Both of whom have been here since the beginning. They're loyalty to our cause is unwavering.
Eofora laughs!
Darphin turns to Jastalyn and cheers. He turns to Lilanna. "Can we talk to the mayor and have that recognied as Jastalyn'ss official title?"
Lilanna begins chuckling at Darphin!
Jastalyn: Proxy?
Darphin (to Lilanna): Lady Jastalyn's, she of the unwavering loyalty.

I nodded understandingly. Later, it was brought to my attention that Lilanna meant that Vailwyn serves as Jastalyn's proxy. Considering how matters of official work can become daunting and complex, it would make sense for Jastalyn and Lilanna to have another helpful hand.

Yardie: And then you have an assortment of individuals from different cultures...and a Queatus.

Jastalyn snickers.
Lilanna grins at Queatus.
Elronae looks thoughtfully at Queatus.
Queatus nods. "Indeed."
Jastalyn: Diversity is part of our strength.

I grinned at Jastalyn. One of the benefits of a voluntary militia is that voluntary often meant all who were willing. In that regard, you seldom see any discrimination. And with the allegiances with the krolvin and the giants, one thing that can not be argued is the strength of Northwatch's diversity. Even with the Ta'Mori a part of both the Regulators and the Echoes of War, this town often put past histories to the side. It was a benefit, and, in the case of the Dusk Coven, a detriment.

Darphin agrees with Jastalyn.
Jastalyn: A common goal across cultures is one that holds strong.
Queatus: I am here to do all law-abiding activities supporting the town.
Randsford (to Queatus): The Toppler of the Wyrm Slayer. He grins at Myharl.

I understood that reference. One of the events held by the regulators is a contest of fisticuffs. It's a monthly engagement where people compete and punch each others lights out to see who can dish it best. As a former winner of said contest and as a participant, I can attest to how hard Myharl hits. So for Queatus to win against him is a great feat.

Myharl smiles.
Jastalyn chuckles.
Lilanna: We accept all aliies to our cause. Citizens and non.
Darphin (to Queatus): We should speak to the shops that have accepted our lawful offers to protect them.
Jastalyn glances at Darphin and folds her arms over her chest. "You two, behave yourselves."
Lilanna: Too late.
Queatus: I speak to them all the time.
Jastalyn: And yes, we even let Queatus join.
Queatus: Always making sure they are safe.

Safe in his pockets. Queatus is a good friend, and a sound professional. I still have a grievance with his Ghezresh alliance during the fall of Caligos, one that cost my brother a keg, but he makes for a good ally when he's on your side. That said, he does have the stickiest of fingers. So, I gathered said safety would be in his pockets.

Darphin nods at Queatus.
Jastalyn appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Darphin: We need to show the other ones what we can offer protection from, so they join up.
Lilanna buries her face in her hands.
Jastalyn (warningly): Darphin.
Eofora: Who said solidarity an diversity earlier? Thas what it is I spose.
Jastalyn: Don't encourage him.
Lilanna: Even Queatus.

Requirements for Membership

Yardie: Speaking of joining. You have a new recruit. Elronae. I'm familiar with her work and talents. She is often in the Folly. What are the requirements for someone to join the Regulators?

Darphin mutters pulse.
Queatus: What's a folly? Like a jail?

Queatus hammered in the ditzy role a little too hard at this juncture. I know he was aware of the Folly. He frequented the place often!

Jastalyn: Kraken's Fall?

Yardie: Kraken's Fall. Also known as Kraken's Folly? The place you have a house in?

We are actually neighbors from the same community.

Lilanna: Willingness, loyalty and honor.
Queatus: Ooooh.
Jastalyn: There you go.
Queatus: Yeah. She don't go to jail there, what kinda accusations you making here?
Lilanna: Everything our pledge covers.
Queatus squints at Yardie.
Darphin: Krakens Folly, home of the sugar pot.
Myharl: Loyalty is an important one.

Yardie: No magic requirements or skill re--

Myharl nods to Yardie.

You glance at Darphin.

Lilanna looks over at you and shakes her head.
Randsford nods slowly at Myharl.
Jastalyn (to Darphin): Brown sugar pot. Jastalyn touches one finger to her lips and smiles.
Ibar chuckles.
Jastalyn grins at Ibar.
Lilanna: No, we take folks of all skill levels. That can be improved.
Darphin (conspiring to Jastalyn): I don't have any brown sugar but some syrup.

He means syrup of the sanguine kind. Aside from sorcery, Darphin has plunged headfirst into blood magic. It is not uncommon for him to leave poodles of blood for whatever scrying or incantations or magics he might attempt. As I consider that form of magic rather dangerous, It would infuriate me to clean of blood off my rug. As another aside, Lithyia must pay for her brown sugar crimes.

Lilanna winces as a long-legged black rat snuffles along her neck, pausing to dig its nose into her ear.
Jastalyn (to Darphin): No one wants your syrup.

Spotlight: Elronae

In my short history of doing Faction Attraction, I have met with officers and long-standing members. This marked the first time in my fleeting memory that I recall meeting with a fresh recruit. As her experiences mirrored someone who might have an interest or desire to join the Regulators, I felt obligated to ask about her experiences. And, since I knew Elronae from our time in the Folly, she made for the perfect candidate, especially joining a group so far up north when she resides in the comfort of the south.

Yardie (to Lilanna) Do you mind if I ask the recruit a question?

Lilanna: Not at all; everyone is free to speak their mind.

Yardie (to Elronae): I wanted to ask your reason for joining. How did you find out and gain interest?

Darphin: Quick, everyone stare at her to increase her confidence.
Elronae: There are some issues Icemule is currently facing. I was concerned about what I was hearing, and the Regulators said they asked for people who wanted to make a difference. So I followed them, liked what they had to say, and agreed to stand with them.
Eofora beams happily at Elronae!

It was a good answer, one that made me smile. Northwatch's formation and the yearlong battle with the Coven have created sides. Some argue that the Coven fights in defense of religious persecution; however, their terrorist acts paint a completely different picture. I needed to find out where the Regulators stood, particularly with some of the sympathizers who were also friends or members.

The Issues Facing Icemule

Yardie: I don't want to keep you too long, so I'll speed it up just a bit. The state of Northwatch is rather hectic with the Coven, with blood magic, and all sorts of threats. How do you think the Regulators will answer to those concerns?

Darphin: The Regulators will protect the north from anything that threatens the citizens, same as they have proudly since inception.
Lilanna: We keep our eyes and ears open. When we think a concern is starting to become a threat, we prepare for the worst.

I nodded understandingly but did not really get the answer I was hoping to hear. Personally, I felt the Coven to be a threat. It was good to know that the Regulators were ready to stand with Icemule and defend her, but I still had concerns, particularly with Darphin. If the Coven threatened the citizens, would he stand with the Regulators? What if there was a skewed definition of what was a threat? For many, the Green Death inconvenienced people, while others realized the damage it caused. Only time would tell.

How To Join

Yardie: Okay, next question. We got the requirements. How does one join?

Lilanna: They just talk to any officer, who will discuss our Mission and our Pledge with them. Agreement is assumed, and their help is most welcome."
Randsford: Preferably that officer. He points at Lilanna and grins.
Ibar: That's the one I reached out to about joining.

Not surprising. I know Ibar and Lilanna were close. In fact, I was rather happy for them. Couldn't have happened to a nicer pair.


Yardie: Rather simple enough, but effective. Meetings and events. When is the next Regulator's meeting, and when's the next event?"

Lilanna: Ah, We meet regularly once a month, but emergency meetings are called as most necessary.

Yardie: And any events hosted by the Regulators anytime soon?

Lilanna: Besides our monthly fight nights, Our next event is a month away! on the 5th of Koaratos, we will be holding a breakfast dinner recruitment event.
Ibar: As for the next event I think that would be our Bounty help and service night on the...20th? Ibar, coughs and nods at Lilanna, shifting his weight.
Jastalyn grins. She tells Ibar, "It's okay, the breakfast is a new event. I'm glad you remembered our monthly event."
Myharl smiles.

Yardie: I'll make sure to spread the word.

Lilanna: We also have just started a combined service night with the Claws of the Drake, Fenong's Regulars, and the Norther Fury, on the 3rd Niiman of the month.

Base of Operations

Yardie: Oh! I have two more questions. Is this the Regulator's base of operations here?

Eofora touches one finger to his lips.

Yardie: Many groups do not have a home base or whatnot.

Far too many groups meet and greet and work but do not have a place to call home. It is a hope of mine to see that remedied one day.

Randsford nods slowly to you.
Darphin blinks.
Lilanna: Aye, unofficially. as I was told by our former commander, the Mayor suggested we use this space since the other groups had already built their own fortresses defensively around our gates.

Yardie: So you're in the same predicament. But this is a nice location.

Jastalyn adopts an agreeable expression.
Lilanna nods. "It serves us."

Closing and Final Thoughts

Yardie: So, final question, well, not a question, but a point. Do you have any parting thoughts you want to state about the Regulators to the masses before we adjourn?

Lilanna: Our needs are simple.... though a dart board would be nice.

Yardie: Always in need of a dart board.

Ibar: A dart board huh?"
Eofora: Wait thas not the final answer.
Elronae: Is it possible to get one? i want a dart board! Eofora has darts on him, probably.
Jastalyn: We would like all those who hold Icemule close to their hearts and wish to keep it safe to know there is a place where they would find camaraderie and those of like-mindedness where we put our concerns into action when called for.
Lilanna: If you stand with Northwatch, Icemule and the Free North, citzen or ally, your help is always welcome, and your voice is always heard.

Yardie: Excellent answers. I think I got everything I need. Thank you all for your time.

Lilanna: And you especially. I'm sorry I kept you for so long."
Eofora: Thankyas.
Queatus: Thanks Yardie. Just remember, everything above board here.
Lilanna: Not at all, I'm glad for what you do, helping bring attention to many groups."
Queatus: Law and order, all the way."
Lilanna: That's always the goal."
Queatus nods.

I glanced at Queatus. He was pouring it on thicker than Darphin's blood vial.

Yardie (to Queatus): I don't even think you believe yourself when you say that.

Queatus's jaw dropped. "You throw around a lot of wild accusations!"
Randsford: He didn't specify what law and who's order."
Jastalyn: Queatus has is own ideas. We try to keep him in line. Tiers?
Queatus: First implying Elronae goes to jail, when I never see her there...

For the record, Elronae has never gone to least to my knowledge. However, dabbling in sorcery and summoning some sort of ghastly, world endangering demon may earn her a citation one day.

Queatus nods to Yardie.
Elronae: I would never. I haven't been in jail!"
Lilanna: As you can see they're a lively bunch."
Jastalyn giggles.

Yardie: Very lively. I turned to Elronae. "Are you getting recruited now? Or did I miss it?"

Queatus: That ain't against the law. He frowns.
Jastalyn giggles.
Elronae: Oh, you missed it, it was the other night. We just haven't met since. She coughs.

Yardie: Gahhh!!

Queatus: You outta join.

I have considered it. Perhaps someday, I'll be one of the ones following Elronae's move.

Elronae: Other than the fight night. Those are fun!
Darphin: I think its time we recruit Yardie.
Elronae: Myharl and Q beat us all up.
Jastalyn grins at you.
Queatus (to Lilanna): Let's go swear him in!
Elronae: Then we play with knives.
Jastalyn: Fight night is fun.
Queatus nods at Lilanna.
Jastalyn: I beat Darphin once. It was glorious.
Queatus: I'll get his feet, you, his arms."
Ibar: Fight night is one of my favorite evenins of the month.
Jastalyn tickles Queatus as they grin at each other.
Darphin: They made me beat an unconscious body one time.
Elronae: They yell, keep going!
Jastalyn (to Darphin): Because you didn't do it right the first time.
Yardie: That's....intense.
Darphin: It was heart breaking, i wanted to stop but Lilanna and ast wanted blood..
Jastalyn: He lies.
Darphin: I would say ask Elronae, but i dont they they remember that night..."
Randsford (to Darphin): Says the person leaving random blood puddles around town.
Jastalyn: I have something I have to attend to, if I may be excused. Jastalyn turns toward Lilanna and renders a sharp hand salute. She hugs Yardie.
Elronae: I'm always knocked out, i dont remember much myself.
Darphin (to Randsford) There is nothing random about my blood puddles.
Lilanna says, "Ahh."
Ibar (to Elronae): Thats not how i remember it.
Eofora: When kin we read this in the news? Not that I kin read.
Yardie: Hope to have it up and about in about a week or so. I waved at them as I made my exit. "Be safe all!"

There's quite a great deal of warmth in these cold lands. It was hard for me to leave, and the banter at the end reminded me of brothers arguing and bickering over a campfire, cracking jokes, and appreciating each other's company. As I have a pair of brothers, this feeling hit close to home. I do not know what the future of Northwatch holds in store, but it does seem to be in good hands. But the dangers remain, as they do anywhere in this world. But if you feel brave of heart and sound of mind, and wish to volunteer your services for a righteous cause in the name of protecting Icemule, mount up as we ride with the (non-criminal) group known as the Regulators.